No.Project TitlePrinciple InvestigatorWorking Groups/
Task Forces
Country Fund Amount (USD)ApplicationProject ReportArticles
1Implementing a situation analysis to assess migratory bird hunting in Southeast AsiaYong, Ding Li Illegal Hunting Task ForceKorea, Republic of $1,000
2Evaluation of hunting pressure on Numenius Species (Curlews, Whimbrels) and other shorebirds in the Russian Far East. Stage two: surveys in SakhalinKlokov, Konstantin Illegal Hunting Task ForceRussia$5,000EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2020_Application_Illegal Hunting TFEAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2020_Report_Illegal Hunting TF

3Comparing the different breeding strategies and migration patterns of two closely related shorebirds-the endangered Nordmann’s Greenshank (Tringa guttifer) and ubiquitous Common Redshank (Tringa totanus) for enacting efficient conservation planning.Pronkevich, Vladimir Shorebird Working GroupRussia$5,000EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2020_Application_Shorebird WGEAAFP_WG/TF Small Grant 2020_Report_Shorebird WGArticle

4Conservation of Baer’s Pochard (Aythya baeri) at two key wintering sites in Central Myanmar.Aung, Thiri Baer's Pochard Task ForceMyanmar$5,000EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2020_Application_Baer's Pochard TFEAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2020_Report_Baer's Pochard TF

5Meeting of the Shorebird Working Group prior to the EAAF Shorebird Science MeetingLanctot, RichardShorebird Working GroupKorea, Republic of$5,000EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2020_Application_Shorebird WG
6Shorebird Survey of West Coast of DPRK and Capacity Building for Local Ongoing MonitoringWoodley, KeithYellow Sea Task ForceKorea, Democratic People's Republic of $5,000EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2020_Application_Yellow Sea TF
7Supporting successful delivery of and conservation outcomes from the EAAF Shorebird Science MeetingJackson, MichaShorebird Working GroupKorea, Republic of$1,000EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2020_Application_Shorebird WG
8Strengthening the enforcement and raising awareness on migratory bird trading or hunting through building the capacity to
relevant stakeholders in Cambodia.
Eang, PhallisIllegal Hunting Task ForceCambodia$3,000EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2020_Application_Illegal Hunting TF

2020 WG/TF Small Grant Fund Relocation

Due to an unexpected COVID-19 pandemic, the scheduled 2020 Shorebird Science Meeting in the ROK has changed to a virtual meeting. The budget for the applications related to the trip for this Shorebird Science Meeting had been relocated to the New Grantees as below.
No.Project TitlePrinciple InvestigatorWorking Groups/
Task Forces
Country Fund Amount (USD)ApplicationProject ReportArticle
1Juvenile distribution pattern and conservation of the endangered Black-Faced SpoonbillChoi, Chi YeungBlack-Faced Spoonbill Working Group $3,500EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2020_Application_Black-Faced Spoonbill WG
2Nordmann’s Greenshank / Spotted Greenshank Population Analysis at Pantai Cemara, Jambi Handono, Cipto DwiShorebird Working GroupIndonesia$3,500 EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2020_Application_Shorebird WG EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2020_Report_Shorebird WG Article

* EAAFP Secretariat has deleted applicant's personal information and bank details in the applications due to privacy matters *