East Asian–Australasian Flyway Partnership Secretariat

EAAF Partnership Secretariat

3F Bon-dong G-Tower, 175 Art center-daero,
Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea (22004)
Fax: +82 32 458 6508
Phone: +82 32 458 6501 / +82 32 458 6502~4

EAAFP Science Unit

Room 506, Scientific Research Building,
Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, China (100083)

EAAFP Foundation

Phone: +82 458 6507

Mr. Doug Watkins

Chief Executive

+82 32 458 6509

Mr. Min-jong JEON

Deputy Chief Executive

+82 32 458 6500

Ms. Vivian FU

Communication Officer

Facilitator to CEPA Working Group

+82 32 458 6504

Ms. Yoon Kyung LEE

External Relations Manager

+82 32 458 6502

Ms. Hyeseon DO

Programme Officer

+82 32 458 6503

Ms. Sujung Joo

Administration & Finance Officer

+82 32 458 6501

Ms. Yeonah Ku

Local Project Coordinator

+82 32 458 6514

Ms. Jisun Lee

Foundation Coordinator

+82 32 458 6507

Ms. Hee-Jin Oh

Junior Researcher Consultant

+82 32 458 6505

Ms. Cynthia A. Layusa

Regional Flyway Initiative - EAAFP Coordinator Consultant


Science Unit (based in Beijing, China)

+86 62336397

Dr. Qing ZENG

SU Coordinator/ Science Officer

Facilitator to Anatidae Working Group / Coordination of color marking / Coordination of FNS designation and reviewal of the existing data / Literature collection & circulation / Black-faced Spoonbill Working Group / Scaly-Sided Merganser Task Force

Prof. Guangchun LEI

SU advisor

+86 62336717

Dr. Cai LU

SU advisor

Facilitator to Monitoring Working Group / Yellow Sea Ecoregion Task Force


Dr. Yifei JIA


Facilitator to Crane Working Group / Shorebird Working Group / Spoon-billed Sandpiper Task Force / Amur Heilong Basin Task Force / Far Eastern Curlew Task Force / Dalmatia Pelican Task Force

+86 62336397

Dr. Lan WU


Facilitator to Avian Influenza Working Group / Seabird Working Group / Baer’s Pochard Task Force / Illegal Hunting Task Force

+86 62336397

Current Interns & Volunteers

Ms. Yoonjin Lee

Ms. Yoonjin Lee Hello! I am Yoonjin Lee, working as an administration & Finance Assistant in EAAFP. I have been interested in social activities for environment protection ever since I became a college student. I believe that achieving environmental sustainability needs not only the passion and interest from the people but also a well-organized framework for positive impacts to the environment. I am very honored to be a part of EAAFP to bring actual changes to this world.


Ms. Yoonjae Bae

Ms. Yoonjae Bae Hello! I am Yoonjae Bae, the External Relations & Foundation Assistant at the EAAFP. Since I study Sustainable Development and Cooperation, I hope to make a positive impact on the organizations mission with my skills and knowledge in the field. I am grateful for this internship opportunity to learn more about the framework and dynamics of partnerships for environmental sustainability through my internship.


Ms. Nlicia Lara

Ms. Nlicia Lara My name is Nlicia Lara, a major in Korean Trade and Commerce at Incheon National University. I come from Trinidad and Tobago, a beautiful twin island nation in the Caribbean. I have a pure science background, having previously graduated from the University of the West Indies with a BSc. in Physics and a minor in Environmental Physics. After being involved in entrepreneurship and business management for many years, I was exposed to Korean culture, and I shifted my focus to international affairs, with a special interest in finance and policy. After my migration to Korea in 2018 to attend Incheon National, I developed a strong interest in international development cooperation. My greatest hope is to engage in the field of holistic development policy. During my time at the EAAFP, I hope to gain practical experience in the day-to-day running of an international NGO and to make a positive impact on the work of the Secretariat. I extend my gracious thanks to the organization for this opportunity!

Email: godwit@eaaflyway.net

Ms. Sinwoo Won

Ms. Sinwoo Won Hello, my name is Sinwoo Won, majoring in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University. I always have been interested in working with international environmental organizations that promote engagements at different levels of stakeholders. Since I present myself as an Edu-learner, the combination of educator and learner, I believe working as a communication assistant in the EAAFP Secretariat will be a precious experience to have some field experience to project environmental messages and educate the public. I am looking forward to my engagement in the global society and conservation of migratory waterbirds with the EAAFP Secretariat.

Email: dunlin@eaaflyway.net

Mr. Yong June Kim

Mr. Yong June Kim Nice to meet you all. My name is Yong June Kim, currently majoring in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University. Without a doubt, I am looking forward to working as a Programme Assistant with other outstanding members at EAAFP. Based on my previous working experience at one of the partnered organizations of EAAFP, I believe that I could further deepen my knowledge of the importance of migratory birds and wetland preservation through working at the Secretariat. Furthermore, I am certain that the EAAFP Secretariat will provide meaningful experiences so that I could have a better understanding of international organizations’ crucial roles in the environment for the global society. I sincerely hope to contribute to EAAFP through supporting projects regarding wetland preservation and migratory bird species.

Email: ruff@eaaflyway.net

Ms.Yoomi Sim

Ms.Yoomi Sim Hello, my name is Yoomi Sim. I am an English major who hopes to pursue a career in Environmental Sciences. I am very excited to start this internship at EAAFP as it is not only a big step towards accomplishing my career goals, but also a great opportunity for me to see firsthand, how international organizations and countries work together in the environmental sector. I look forward to learning, gaining lots of invaluable experiences, and will do my best as a communication assistant to contribute to the team, EAAFP Secretariat and flyway work.

Email: plover@eaaflyway.net

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