East Asian–Australasian Flyway Partnership Secretariat

EAAF Partnership Secretariat

3F Bon-dong G-Tower, 175 Art center-daero,
Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea (22004)
Fax: +82 32 458 6507

Mr. Doug Watkins

Chief Executive

+82 32 458 6509

Mr. Min-jong JEON

Deputy Chief Executive

+82 32 458 6500

Ms. Yejin JUNG

Administration & Finance Officer

+82 32 458 6501

Ms. Vivian FU

Communication Officer

+82 32 458 6504

Ms. Yoon Kyung LEE

External Relations Manager

+82 32 458 6502

Ms. Hyeseon DO

Programme Officer

+82 32 458 6503

Ms. You Jin Lee

Foundation Coordinator

+82 32 458 6507

Science Unit (based in Beijing, China)

Dr. Qing ZENG

SU Coordinator/ Science Officer

+86 62336397

Prof. Guangchun LEI

SU advisor

+86 62336717

Dr. Cai LU

SU advisor

+86 62336397

Dr. Yifei JIA


+86 62336397

Dr. Lan WU


+86 62336397

Ms. Yunzhu LIU


+86 62336397

Current Interns & Volunteers

Ms. Sulki Hwang

Hi, I am Sulki Hwang. I got a bachelor’s degree in political science in August and I am now very excited to have an opportunity for working at EAAFP Secretariat. As I want to be the one who makes a connection between politics and environment, I will do my best to support Administration & Finance department for the conservation of migratory birds.

Email: godwit@eaaflyway.net


Ms. Elaine Wong

Hello I am Elaine from Hong Kong. I am graduated from Yonsei University in South Korea and I am glad to be given the chance to work in EAAFP. I genuinely look forward to participating in various programs and projects and being involved in planning and executing strategies in order to contribute to migratory waterbirds conservation.

Email: swan@eaaflyway.net

Ms. Da Jung Jung

Hi, I am Da Jung Jung, currently majoring in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University. I am excited to join the EAAFP internship programme as my first chance working at an environmental organization. I hope to make this opportunity more than just an internship; rather a step forward to contributing to the greener future!

Email : smew@eaaflyway.net

Ms. Alexandra Myakonkova

Hello, I am Alexandra Myakonkova majoring in Business Management at the State University of New York, Korea. Sustainable development and environmental studies were always interesting to me and that’s why I’m very excited to work for EAAFP! This internship will help me learn a lot more about the migratory birds and how to protect our Natural Heritage. I will do my best to contribute to the flyway conservation project.

Email: kingfisher@eaaflyway.net

Ms. Haejin Park

Hello, I am Haejin Park, majoring in Communication at the University of Utah. I have a special interest in sustainable development, so I am excited to work for EAAFP as a communication assistant. I am willing to contribute myself to raise awareness about migratory waterbirds, and also expect to learn a lot from this internship opportunity to work with professionals from various backgrounds.

Email: plover@eaaflyway.net

Ms. Ying He

Hello, I am HE Ying, graduated from Jiangnan University in China. I am so grateful to have a chance to work for EAAFP. I believe the internship could bring me more knowledge about science and conservation on the migratory birds and their habitats. I would do my best to make contribution to the flyway work.

Ms. Jiyae Yim

Hello. I’m Jiyae Yim majoring in Political Science and Diplomacy in Yonsei University. I have a big interest in environment and sustainable development of the globe. It is such an honor to participate in the EAAFP internship programme. And I hope I could learn a lot from this opportunity and I’ll do my best to support this flyway conservation project.

Email: ruff@eaaflyway.net

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