The EAAFP Secretariat publishes the EAAFP electronic newsletters every month and archives them in this page. The e-newsletter aims to disseminate information on the implementation of the Partnership; Partnership news, upcoming meetings campaigns, new publications, etc.

We strongly recommend Partners to send relevant news items, including from their networks and colleagues, to Communication Officer. Translating into your own languages are also very much appreciated as the e-newsletter could be further disseminated by Partners to their own networks of contacts.

2018 EAAFP e-Newsletter

2017 EAAFP e-Newsletter

2016 EAAFP e-Newsletter

2015 EAAFP e-Newsletter


  • No. 15 – December 2014
  • No. 14 – August 2014
  • No. 13 – April 2014
  • No. 12 – January 2014