Past Interns and Consultants

Ms. Ejin Kim: Hello. My name is Ejin Kim,  Communication Assistant at the EAAFP Secretariat. I am majoring in Global Affairs and concentrating on Media, Communication, and Culture at George Mason University. I’m really happy to work at EAAFP to understand how to communicate with other international environmental organizations and countries to deal with the environmental field. Based on my previous experience, I believe I can explore and widen my knowledge of the environmental sector as well as migratory waterbirds. As a Communication Assistant, I always do my best and I am looking forward to having a meaningful time at EAAFP by working with great colleagues. Click [here] for her article.

Ms. Yunjeong Choi Hello! I am Yunjeong Choi, the Programme Assistant at the EAAFP. I’m from Incheon, Korea and majoring in Korean Language and Literature & Public Administration in Yonsei University. I am interested in international organizations and Korean law and want to be a consultant of Korean laws in international legal cases in the future. I really hope to learn how I can share my abilities in the international society and learn what I didn’t have in the past. Using my communication and language abilities, I am very honored to bring a change to international society. Click [here] for her article.

Eugene Kim Hello, my name is Eugene Kim, and I am majoring in Global Affairs and minoring in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University. I have always desired to work in an international organization that promotes protecting human rights and environmental values correlated to Sustainable Development Goals. Since I have worked at Peace and Conflict Center Asia and The Bridge International as an English coordinator, working as a communication assistant in EAAFP will be a meaningful experience. I hope to be part of the change that can save migratory birds, and wetlands for the environment. Click [here] for her article.

Ms. Yoonjin lee Hello! I am Yoonjin Lee, working as an administration & Finance Assistant in EAAFP. I have been interested in social activities for environment protection ever since I became a college student. I believe that achieving environmental sustainability needs not only the passion and interest from the people but also a well-organized framework for positive impacts to the environment. I am very honored to be a part of EAAFP to bring actual changes to this world. Click [here] for her article.

Ms. Yoomi Sim Hello, my name is Yoomi Sim. I am an English major who hopes to pursue a career in Environmental Sciences. I am very excited to start this internship at EAAFP as it is not only a big step towards accomplishing my career goals, but also a great opportunity for me to see firsthand, how international organizations and countries work together in the environmental sector. I look forward to learning, gaining lots of invaluable experiences, and will do my best as a communication assistant to contribute to the team, EAAFP Secretariat and flyway work. Click [here] for her article.

Mr. Yong June Kim Nice to meet you all. My name is Yong June Kim, currently majoring in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University. Without a doubt, I am looking forward to working as a Programme Assistant with other outstanding members at EAAFP. Based on my previous working experience at one of the partnered organizations of EAAFP, I believe that I could further deepen my knowledge of the importance of migratory birds and wetland preservation through working at the Secretariat. Furthermore, I am certain that the EAAFP Secretariat will provide meaningful experiences so that I could have a better understanding of international organizations’ crucial roles in the environment for the global society. I sincerely hope to contribute to EAAFP through supporting projects regarding wetland preservation and migratory bird species. Click [here] for his article.


Ms. Sinwoo Won Hello, my name is Sinwoo Won, majoring in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University. I always have been interested in working with international environmental organizations that promote engagements at different levels of stakeholders. Since I present myself as an Edu-learner, the combination of educator and learner, I believe working as a communication assistant in the EAAFP Secretariat will be a precious experience to have some field experience to project environmental messages and educate the public. I am looking forward to my engagement in the global society and conservation of migratory waterbirds with the EAAFP Secretariat. Click [here] for her article.

Ms. Hyoeun Kim Hi! My name is Hyoeun Kim. I am so glad today to involve in EAAFP Secretariat as a new programme assistant. I am currently majoring in Management information systems at George Mason University. I am so excited to have a great opportunity to learning the cooperation of international organizations and growing my interest related to the ESG field. I will do my best to contribute to the flyway work with the team. Click [here] for her article.

Ms. Yeonju Park Hello, this is Yeonju Park, who is majoring in Global Affairs and studying Environment as a concentration. Since I am especially interested in the business which considers the environmental impact, I look forward to building practical experiences through the EAAFP internship opportunity. I am really excited to work as External Relations & Foundation Assistant at EAAFP and contribute my capacities to the organization. I believe that the process will help me to improve my skills and learn knowledge in the field. Click [here] for her article.

Ms. Yuji Lim Hi, my name is Yuji Lim and I am majoring in Accounting at Loyola University Chicago. I am more than excited to work at EAAFP Secretariat as an Administration and Finance Assistant. I always wanted to working for an international organization and I look forward to learning more about EAAFP Secretariat. I believe my internship experience at EAAFP will lead me to the next chapter of life and I will do my best to assist my colleagues.

Ms. Anujin Battulga Hello, my name is Anujin Battulga from Mongolia, and I am majoring Environment Engineering at Seoul National University of Science and Technology. Working at EAAFP as an External Relation Assistant is life changing opportunity for me to learn and gain practical experience in environment field. All the international issues are connecting in international level where it cannot be solved by one nation. Therefore, I am more than excited to work at international environment organization that will bring me deeper understanding in environment and international relation. Click [here] for her article.

Ms. Hyoin Kim Happy to see you all, I am Hyoin Kim. I am currently earning a degree in Global Affairs at George Mason University Korea. I am looking forward to what I am going to experience in EAAFP Secretariat as a Communication Assistant. Also, I would like to learn how the international organization works, how to coexist with humans and the environment, and the relationship between migratory waterbirds. This internship opportunity is greatly precious for me, therefore, I hope I learn as much as I can. And finally, I want to be a person who is professional in the environment and who pursues sustainability development internationally. Click [here] for her article.

Ms. Sewon Lim Hello! Nice to meet you all, my name is Sewon Lim and I am currently majoring in Global Affairs and minoring in marketing at George Mason University. I am so excited to work at EAAFP Secretariat as a communication assistant. I am looking forward to learning new knowledge regarding migratory waterbirds and environmental issues and gain experience in the communication field. I will do my best to contribute to the EAAFP Secretariat with the team! Click [here] for her article.

Ms. Yoo Jung Kwon Greetings, my name is Yoo Jung Kwon and I am currently majoring in Divisions of International Studies and Food and Resource Economics. As I carry on the EAAFP goals and visions through the EAAFP internship programme, I am excited to grow and learn within an environment that plays a leading role in the international field. I understand amid a global pandemic we have been set back behind our long-term sustainable goals and initiatives. Nonetheless, I am ever more ambitious to well-contribute to the flyway conservation project to conserve our nature and environment. Click [here] for her article.

Ms. Tino Maduku Hello, I’m Tino. I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in Global Business, majoring in Decision Science at Gachon University. I also hold a MSc degree in Management Information Systems and a BTech degree in Electronic Commerce. I am looking forward to this great learning opportunity where I can gain hands-on experience. As environmental and sustainability development is becoming more relevant in today’s global world, I will grab this learning opportunity with both hands. Click [here] for her article.         

Ms. Sulki Hwang Hi, I am Sulki Hwang. I got a bachelor’s degree in political science in August and I am now very excited to have an opportunity for working at EAAFP Secretariat. As I want to be the one who makes a connection between politics and environment, I will do my best to support the Administration & Finance department for the conservation of migratory birds. Click [here] for her article.