Past Interns and Consultants

Mr. Dongyoung Lee Hi, my name is Dongyoung Lee achieved Bachelor Arts of Global Affairs at George Mason University on December 2019. I am glad to be a part of EAAFP Secretariat as an intern of Administration/Staff Assistant. This internship opportunity will help me to develop myself and to learn about conservation of birds and flyway. Not only the conservation will be learned, but the importance of environment will also be the other part I want to learn. I am happy meeting our staffs and jumping into new environment. Obviously, I will do my best as much as I can.


Ms. Suyeon Kang Hi, I am Suyeon Kang, and I major in International Studies and Economics at Yonsei University. I am thrilled to work at EAAFP Secretariat as an Administration and Finance Assistant to assist both our Chief Executive and our team members in bringing the world together for the conservation of flyway. I believe this opportunity will serve as a stepping stone for me to participate in various projects pertaining to UN SDGs and share ideas with many professionals about environmental mission projects for migratory birds before I take a further step in becoming an international professional for development practice. Click [here] for her article.


Ms. Sulki Hwang Hi, I am Sulki Hwang. I got a bachelor’s degree in political science in August and I am now very excited to have an opportunity for working at EAAFP Secretariat. As I want to be the one who makes a connection between politics and environment, I will do my best to support the Administration & Finance department for the conservation of migratory birds. Click [here] for her article. 



Ms. Elaine Wong Hello I am Elaine from Hong Kong. I am graduated from Yonsei University in South Korea and I am glad to be given the chance to work in EAAFP. I genuinely look forward to participating in various programs and projects and being involved in planning and executing strategies in order to contribute to migratory waterbirds conservation. Click [here] for her article.



Ms. Jiyae Yim Hello. I’m Jiyae Yim majoring in Political Science and Diplomacy in Yonsei University. I have a big interest in environment and sustainable development of the globe. It is such an honor to participate in the EAAFP internship programme. And I hope I could learn a lot from this opportunity and I’ll do my best to support this flyway conservation project. Click [here] for her article.



Ms. Sojung Kang Hello, I am Sojung Kang. I am majoring in Public Administration and Economics at Ewha Womans University. Spending my childhood surrounded by nature gave me curiosity and great respect to it. I aspire to protect biodiversity through governance thus, I am very excited to work as an external relations assistant of the EAAFP. I am willing to learn more about and to contribute to global migratory waterbirds conservation projects throughout the internship. Click [here] for her article.



Ms. Somaya Iqubal My name is Somaya Iqubal, I am a master’s in social work from India and have just completed my second master’s in public management at KDI School, Korea. I believe communication plays the central role to drive people to action for a cause. As a communication assistant, I am excited to contribute to education and awareness around conserving the environment and migratory birds.



Ms. Da Jung Jung Hi, I am Da Jung Jung, currently majoring in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University. I am excited to join the EAAFP internship programme as my first chance working at an environmental organization. I hope to make this opportunity more than just an internship; rather a step forward to contributing to the greener future! Click [here] for her article.



Ms. Alexandra Myakonkova Hello, I am Alexandra Myakonkova majoring in Business Management at the State University of New York, Korea. Sustainable development and environmental studies were always interesting to me and that’s why I’m very excited to work for EAAFP! This internship will help me learn a lot more about the migratory birds and how to protect our Natural Heritage. I will do my best to contribute to the flyway conservation project. Click [here] for her article.



Ms. Haejin Park Hello, I am Haejin Park, majoring in Communication at the University of Utah. I have a special interest in sustainable development, so I am excited to work for EAAFP as a communication assistant. I am willing to contribute myself to raise awareness about migratory waterbirds, and also expect to learn a lot from this internship opportunity to work with professionals from various backgrounds. Click [here] for her article.



Mr. Michael Elliott Hello, my name is Michael Elliott. I’m currently a student at George Mason University studying Environmental & Sustainability Science. I’m so excited to be given the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience here at EAAFP! I’ve always been excited about conservation, so I look forward to learning as much as I can from this experience. Click [here] for his article.



Ms. You Jin Lee Hello, I am You Jin Lee majoring in Technological System Management at SUNY Korea. It is a great honor to have an internship opportunity in EAAFP as a Programme Assistant. I look forward to learning more about migratory waterbird species. As a programme assistant, I would do my best to assist in the development of flyway conservation project.



Ms. Sungkyung Kang Hello, I am Sungkyung Kang. I studied Environmental Engineering at Inha University. I am interested in the preservation of eco-system and biodiversity. The Flyway of Migratory birds and habitats conservation is one part of that, so I want to get more knowledge about that. This motivation led me to apply for EAAFP Secretariat Internship Programme. I am glad to have an opportunity to do an internship in EAAFP. Click [here] for her article.



Ms. Yeonah Ku I have worked for EAAFP for 6 months from early Aug, 2018 to early Feb, 2019. After working at ecological labs and a headquarters of sustainable development council in Korea, I was looking at moving aboard, but at the same time I wanted to have more experience before taking the next step. In the end, working for the EAAFP Secretariat has worked out really well for me. I have been in charge of planning and implementing several projects related to communication, education, and public awareness (CEPA) when the Communication Officer position in the Secretariat was vacant. The work included the 2018 Knots Painting Competition, organising workshops in RoKorea, and MOP 10. Working in EAAFP created a solid bridge to help me adapt to a new environment for the future. I am honoured that I was able to contribute to the EAAFP community. Click [here] for her article.

Ms. Hyeon Hee Do Hi, I am Hyeon Hee Do, majoring in Business Management at SUNY Korea. I am so delighted to join EAAFP internship program as a Programme Assistant. It would be a great opportunity to learn more about endangered species of Waterbird and their habitats, and work for their conservation. I wish I can make as much as contributions to EAAFP organization during the internship, and it is a great honor for me to work with outstanding staffs. Click [here] for her article.


Ms. Minshil Lee Hello, my name is Minshil Lee. I completed a B.S degree with a major in environmental engineering at Konkuk University. I realized how important for species to have their own habitats for their livings after I found out reclamation effects on bird species in university life. I believe all tasks in EAAFP are essential to conserve birds all over the world in that flyway is through globally. My ultimate goal of life is making better environment for human beings and the nature internationally. I assure this EAAFP internship will be the first step of achieving my dream by learning practical works for international organization. Click [here] for her article.


Mr. Banseok Koo My name is Banseok Koo, and I am excited to start my internship at EAAFP. I major in technological systems management at SUNY Korea, where I minored in computer science. I am happy to bring my IT knowledge to make the world a better place with EAAFP. It would be a great opportunity to learn more about endangered migratory birds and their conservation during the internship period as well. It’s an honor to work with the best staffs and members who truly love their job, striving to protect the environment. Click [here] for his article.


Ms. Mijin Park Hello, my name is Mijin Park. I am glad to start my internship in EAAFP Secretariat as a Programme Assistant. I majored in biological sciences and environmental management in Seoul National University, and I am planning to become a graduate student after this internship. I think we can know the world as much as we have experienced, so I would like to learn more about nature from EAAFP. In particular, I am interested in managing flyway sites and sharing all the information to promote political decisions for conservation. I hope to make contributions to EAAFP in many ways during the internship. Click [here] for her article.

Ms. Danhak Gu I am Danhak. I majored in international administration for my undergraduate studies, and I am planning to pursue my further study in Environmental Policy for my master. I worked as a UN University Volunteer in Mongolia in 2017 after finishing my undergraduate. As I am greatly interested in nature conservation, I am very happy to be a part of EAAFP which contributes sustainable Environment for birds. I believe protecting migratory bird habitats interconnects with every creature’s habitat including the habitat of human beings. Thus, working for EAAFP as an intern is a great stepping stone to get a clearer sense of our surroundings, the earth and to learn how to live harmonizing with one another. I would like to learn and help contribute toward peace and sustainable environment. Click [here] for her article.

Ms. Minjae Baek My name is Min-jae Baek. I majored in environmental education and biology education. I love the nature and wild animals. So I have been acting for the nature like environmental education and wild birds watching. The wild birds always talk about the environment human faced. I want to spread their message. In EAAFP, I will work to be and the humans through communication such as education. This is my favorite proverbs ‘If you keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps, a singing bird will come.’ I’m glad to work at EAAFP for keeping green trees in our mind and making a sustainable future.


Ms. Viktoriya Hello! My name is Viktoriya. Recently I have graduated from Yonsei University earning a Bachelor Degree in Economics. I am very excited and thankful for the opportunity to do my internship in EAAFP and I am looking forward to learning more about environmental issues and nature conservation working in the international organization where we can make a difference globally. I will develop my professional skills here and I hope I can positively contribute to EAAFP. Thank you.

Ms. Ga-on Lee Hello, I am Ga-on Lee and will be working as an intern for EAAFP Secretariat from December 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017. I am studying for bachelor’s degrees in International Studies and English Interpretation and Translation. However, my emphasis is on biodiversity conservation. This led me to apply for the internship program in EAAFP Secretariat. During my stay in EAAFP, I will work hard for the protection of migratory birds and their habitats.

Ms. Hanna Woo My name is Hanna Woo. I am glad to work as an intern at EAAFP. I majored in Tourism in my college. I become to interested in conserving the environment by learning about eco- tourism and traveling abroad. The reason I applied for the Secretariat internship at EAAFP is that I want to contribute to raising awareness of how much conserving environment is important. I believe changing people’s attitude toward the environment is the major task for environment conservation. I want to get a lot of valuable knowledge about bird protection and contribute to EAAFP as much as I can. Thank you!

Ms. Minju Kim   Hello, my name is Minju Kim. I am very honored to work as an intern in EAAFP. I am majoring in English Literature, and I just finished my sophomore year. I have always been interested in the environment and wanted to know more. Moreover, I have wanted to work in an international organization. So I applied for EAAFP to know more about the environment and have a valuable experience. I will try to learn a lot about migratory waterbirds and the flyway partnership with this internship opportunity. Thank you.

Ms. Yeonju Jeong   Hello, I’m Yeonju Jeong. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and a Master’s degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering. Before joining EAAFP, I worked as a researcher and writer. I have always been a nature lover, so being part of EAAFP is an exciting opportunity for me. During my time here I hope I can help increase understanding of the conservation status and needs of migratory birds and their habitats.


Ms. Kyeonga Shin My name is Kyeonga Shin. As I am interested in conserving the nature, I applied for the internship programme at EAAFP. My main tasks are to find out some useful information about the waterbirds and to manage the homepage. I’m very excited to contribute to the conservation of waterbirds and their habitat and hope to get used to the work soon.


Mr. Shinyoung Kang ShinyoungKANGHi, I’m Shinyoung Kang from South Korea. I’m 24years old, and I’m studying political science. I have wanted to work in an international organization to interact with other foreign people. I just finished the sophomore year, and I’m so excited to start my vacation with EAAFP inthernship. My main task is organizing pictures on website, and datas. Also, I’m going to support to make a souvenir by negotiating with companies.


Ms. Eunjin Yu My name is Eunjin Yu and I am currently doing my Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering. I believe the work of EAAFP is crucial for maintaining sustainable environment which I have always wanted to take part in. I will be assisting officers with arrangement of events and meetings, management of the website and SNSs, translation of related articles and et cetera. I am grateful for the opportunity given and hope to be of help to the organization. Thank you.


Ms. Weiyi Ma – Chinese Partnership Coordinator Weiyi_MaI am glad to return to EAAFP as Chinese Partnership Coordination Consultant after completing my internship here last year. My job in this time is to strengthen Chinese national partnership including producing Chinese publications and materials, promoting Chinese website and social media, and gathering information for Chinese Site Information Sheets and Sister Site program in the Flyway. I am very thankful to have this great opportunity and am happy to contribute to conservation activities in EAAFP further on.


Ms. Heather Le Heather.LeMy name is Heather Le, I’m from Vietnam. I’ve recently earned a bachelor degree in International Studies from UIC, Yonsei University. My main task at EAAFP will be mostly translation, through which I am hoping to further connect my country Vietnam – a very newly admitted partner of EAAFP, to the organization’s work. I am very excited and thankful for the opportunity of interning at EAAFP as I have always been interested in international work, where we can make a difference globally. Read an article by Heather about internship: here.


Mr. David Broughton – Website Manager After completing an internship with EAAFP I returned to work with the secretariat, primarily as Website Manager, ensuring updates and maintenance of the website. I will also support as much as I can in other aspects, assisting with communication materials and resources. It is great to be inspired and inspire in others, enthusiasm for conservation efforts across the region. I am very grateful for the experience of working here while I am living in Korea.


Ms. Sumin Kim My name is Sumin Kim from South Korea. I have always wanted to live in communication with nature and been interested in environmental conservation, so I applied for this internship programme. I’m delighted to have this great opportunity. My main tasks are to manage EAAFP website/SNSs and update current news and interesting information to it. Plus, there would be some translation works from English to Korean, and vise versa. I hope I get used to working here fast. I would like to learn new things and contribute to the conservation of migratory waterbirds and their habitats under threat with my enthusiasm. Thank you for the warm welcome.

Ms. Joohee Lee Hello, my name is Joohee Lee. I’m 27 years old. I studied making film and graduated 2 weeks ago in Feb, 2015. I’m interested in migratory waterbirds while I have lived for 17 years near Incheon, Korea. I hope to be helpful to save their habitats and the environment through making the video. My tasks in EAAFP is to produce video, manage EAAFP website/sns and arrange events. It’s lucky to be here working in EAAFP as my first work place. I’m look forward to working in EAAFP!

Ms. Rossa Risdiana Hello, My Name is Rossa Risdiana from Indonesia. I’m 21 years old. Since I study International Relation, I believe that to make a peace we should also make the balance of nature. I’m also interested in the environmental issues that are also related to the relations among countries. That’s why I decided to apply the internship in EAAFP. It is my pleasure to have this opportunity. My roles in the EAAFP would be translation from English to Indonesian, vice versa. And also I have the duty to update the website. I am very excited to gain the new experiences here.

Ms. Yoahn Joo  Hello, my name is Yoahn Joo, and I am 22 years old. I am excited to get a chance to work as an intern at EAAFP. As I studied biology and ecology, I am willing to learn how things work in the real workplace. This internship experience will help me get actual information about how science and communication play important roles in conserving migratory waterbirds and their habitats. Also, I am interested in global environmental issues, so I’ve got lots of things to do and learn. I will do my best while I work here.


Ms. Jieun Cha  Hello. Nice to meet you. My name is Jieun Cha. I have studied biology and molecular medical science. The reason why I’m here is that I want to gain a variety of experiences in a global place. In addition, I’m interested in environmental issues and earth protection. EAAFP internship would be a good opportunity for me to learn something like global and nature mind. During internship, my roles in EAAFP are to assist my supervisors. I would draft and develop site web pages and help to hold some events. I hope all the people know importance of conservation of migratory waterbirds and protect the flyway together. I’m happy to work with EAAFP.

Ms. Yonsue Park  Hello, my name is Yonsue Park and I am from Korea. I am currently in the first year of university, majoring in Journalism and communication. I am very thrilled that I got this opportunity to work as an intern here at EAAFP. I have always wanted make use of my abilities in ways that I can contribute to ’Saving the Earth’. I am also very passionate about learning new things related to wildlife and their conservation. I wish to learn as much as I can from everything I will go through, and I am very much excited to start my first experience as an intern at EAAFP. Thank you!


Ms. Hyeseon Do My name is Hyeseon. I am from South Korea. I have always been interested in environmental conservation since young ages. I was majored in Law, and loved to learn environment law during the course. It would be a great opportunity for me to have some experience in EAAFP. I am very excited to know more about Birdlife and Flyways. My main role in EAAFP is to support the web management with David, and to complete translating some parts on the Korean page. Those are the tasks so far. There will be more enjoyable work to come.

Mr. Minkyu Jeong Hello, my name is Minkyu Jeong and I’m currently studying in the Lake Forest Academy near Chicago, Illinois. I am a short-term volunteer for EAAFP and I am very excited to have this great opportunity in the field of environmental and bird life-related job. Currently, I am preparing for the college application and planning to study environmental engineering. The reason why I applied for the secretariat internship at EAAFP is that I was interested in both environmental science and ecology since young age, and hope to have an environment-related career in the future. My major roles during the volunteer period will be translation of English and Korean documents. I am looking forward to the helpful experience and ready to contribute to the organization.

Mr. Minwoo Lee Hello, my name is Min-woo Lee. I am 26 years old. I am currently fourth-year student in university. My major is Biology. I participated in activities related to environmental protection. For example, I caught some insects and made them as insect specimens. And then I grouped them to observe the species diversity. I dealt with the number of insect species in a particular ecosystem. Till now I was studied only for insects but now I want to know about the birds. That’s why I applied to EAAFP. I started to work in EAAFP in June 2014 and will finish it in August 2014. My duties at EAAFP include website updates, facebook updates, twitter updates. I also post many things about birds on Flickr and YouTube. And aside from this, I develop our website and pages on it to make it more effective for visitors. Finally, I hope everything will come out all right at EAAFP.

Mr. Daeyoun Kim Hello. My name is Daeyoun Kim. I am from South Korea. I work here from 23. June to 22. Aug My major is HRD (Human Resource Development) In the HRD, I could learn to make education material, organize a conference, make a project plan. These skills will be useful to secretariat work. I have been interested in the international organization. Communicating with multination people always makes me excited So I dreaming of workplace to communicate with diverse cultures. I am interested in flyway. Nature is directly effecting for our life, and flyway is connecting with ecosystem. I am glad to work for the valuable things. My main role is collecting data for newsletter, searching relevant news about bird and EAAFP. Translating English to Korea. preparing conference. I am happy to meet friendly coworkers and be in nice place.

Mr. Eduardo Callo-Caijiao Bird migration has fascinated humans for a long time. I have not been the exception when I had the opportunity to witness shorebirds taking off in their northern migrating from Roebuck Bay, North-western Australia. With a background in Biology and Environmental Science, I joined the EAAFP secretariat as a policy intern in an attempt to better understand policies surrounding migratory shorebird conservation and how they can be used more effectively. I am originally from Colombia but have been living in Australia for some years now. It is my first time in the Republic of Korea and I am very excited about the birding opportunities alongside my internship duties. Read an article by Eduardo about internship: here.

Ms. Surinaraha Saminan Hi, my name is Surinaraha Binti Saminan and I am from Malaysia. I’m studying International Small and Medium Enterprises in Asia-Europe Institute, University Malaya. I’m interested in exploring career opportunities in entrepreneurship and in an environmental field. I really enjoy being in a team environment and am looking forward to working with EAAFP. My duties include general office support and web site updates, as well as reviewing literature and producing materials in Malay language. I’d love to explore with this international organisation how my success in this internship could make a contribution. I’m interested in the idea that future entrepreneurs gaining experience with conservation organisations can continue to play a role in helping conserve the environment.

Mr. David Broughton My Name is David, I’ve started 2014 with an internship at EAAFP. I’ve always been interested in nature and conservation, I took my Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology and Environmental Management and have tried my best to keep up with environmental issues. It has been fascinating to get to spend time in Korea, I seem to have adapted my diet very well indeed! I’m enjoying learning about the birdlife of the peninsula, and how valuable stopovers in the region are for migratory birds, while helping develop the EAAFP website and publications. Other than a a spot of amateur birding and sketching whenever I can find the time, I’ve also been performing and writing as a musician and singer for some years, it has been a great opportunity to travel and meet interesting people.

Ms. Mi Jung Im Hello, my name is Mi Jung Im and am now currently working as an intern at EAAFP. I joined EAAFP right after finishing my master’s degree in Germany. As the name of the master course, Environmental protection and agricultural protection shows I am interested in promoting the conservation of environment so this internship is good for me to see and understand how such knowledge I learned can be applied to the real world to protect our nature, especially birds! During the internship, I am translating some documents and web contents written in English to Korean, looking for some scientific papers and helping to plan events related to EAAFP. Some of my favorite activities include watching movie, going out for delicious foods and snowboarding (even though I do not like winter at all).

Mr. Sung-yeon Hwang My name is Sung-yeon Hwang.  This year I’m 26. I work here from November 2013 to  February 2014. Why I work here as an intern is that I like birds and interested in environmental preservation.  Because I can get to know about birds and environmental problems, I’m really happy to work for EAAFP. I’m so thanks to meet and work with such kind people. My role in EAAFP is general management of our webpage. I post articles, new pages, photos, documents of EAAFP and all the rest of it. I also post many things about birds on our Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube. Because general management of our webpage is my work, I also fix pages such as broken links, broken photos, and broken documents, as well as I, also develop our website and pages on it to make it more effective to visitors. I enjoy every work and I am happy to work for EAAFP.

Ms. Weiyi Ma Hello, my name is Weiyi Ma and I am from China. Currently, I am pursuing my Master degree in Germany. I started to work as a science intern at EAAFP from the middle of January 2014. As a graduate with strong enthusiasm and 7 years experience in the environmental field, EAAFP gives me a great chance to practically use my knowledge and skills learned from the University. My main task throughout the internship is to assist to build the Chinese version of the official EAAFP website with all the contents, documents and links to be translated from English into Chinese. Besides, some works to support the development of relevant projects will be included, such as literature review, information collection and having connections with the relevant staffs in China. It is such a worthy trip flying from Hamburg to Incheon to work at EAAFP, where I met so many nice and talented people, and experienced the great working atmosphere as well as this wonderful country.

Ms. Alina Mykhailovska My name is Alina Mykhailovska. I am 23 years old. I came from Ukraine and received the second master degree in Republic of Korea. I started to work in EAAFP in November 2013 and will finish it in February 2014. During this internship, I was responsible for party organization, different office activities (scanning, writing instructions and helping with our website so on) and main responsibilities was to prepare our EAAFP website to Russian readers. Therefore, I am translating articles, posters, and contents into Russian language. Those are the tasks so far. I was really glad to work for the valuable things. I hope in the future it will encourage people to donate or at least follow East-Asian-Australasian Partnership work. I am happy to meet friendly coworkers and be in warm environment. Thank you for this opportunity.

Ms. Zhasmina Ivanova As an intern, I was assigned to the Science Officer and as such, researched international programs relevant to endangered species of waterbirds and habitat conservation and management, promoted and maintained the EAAFP website and social media, assisted in organizing an EAAFP workshop, developed publications and poster displays, and dealt with anything else that appeared. I searched and summarized relevant articles. Various sorts of databases were created in this process. In the meantime, I was responsible for finding coordinates and mapping EAAF sites. Another duty was to communicate with partners, researchers, task forces, and working group by passing on messages, reminding about deadlines, collecting presentations, reports and all sorts of materials that could or should be provided.

Ms. Sophie Dugast Hello, My name is Sophie Dugast. I came from France. My major is International Management specialized in exchanges with Asia at the University of Le Havre. I was obtaining this internship from April 8th, 2013 till August 23rd. During these 4 months, I was able to learn about HTML language, WordPress. My main responsibility was posting articles on EAAFP webpage. in order to update the website. This is a valuable knowledge which, I am sure, will help me in the future. Mainly, I gained experience in the communications field and the organization of events. I am really grateful for that because, before starting to work for EAAFP, my aim was to learn more about this sector. I especially liked meeting people from different nationalities. I could meet many foreigners at EAAFP. I want to mention that what makes an experience special is people. It probably sounds too sentimental but everyone at the office made my internship period more special. Thank you for this opportunity.

Ms. Angela Choi Since I was a very tiny little girl, I knew that I loved two things: birds and art. I have sworn to myself that I will either become an ornithologist or an artist and have since chosen the artistic path as my educational and professional career. My main project was the overhaul our website, At the beginning of it all, it started out as trying to add a few advanced functionalities to our existing website, however, a few brainstorming meetings quickly uncovered the growing need for an updated, better-organized and more efficient and effective website for our organization to rely on. I am very honored and grateful for all the opportunities that EAAFP. Secretariat has offered me to excel in my very own way to protect Migratory Waterbirds. Read an article by Angela about the internship: here.