World Migratory Bird Day: WWF collaborates with EAAPF to Launch an Updated Education Pack “Lolo Flying Journey” about Black-faced Spoonbill

In line with the celebration of  “World Migratory Bird Day” on 14 May to raise awareness on protecting migratory birds and their habitats, WWF Hong Kong collaborates with the East Asian – Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP), with the generous support from Incheon Metropolitan City of the Republic of Korea and Hanns Seidel Foundation, launches the updated Education Pack “Lolo Flying Journey” about Black-faced Spoonbill today. The updates of the education pack was brought forward under the Incheon-Hong Kong Sister Site Arrangement signed in 2019.

“Lolo Flying Journey” is an Education Pack featuring Black-faced Spoonbill to educate knowledge about migratory birds and wetland conservation. Through a fun and interactive game, participants would play the role as a Black-faced Spoonbill and experience their thrilling and exciting migration journey.

The Black-faced Spoonbill is classified as an ‘Endangered' species on The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species. There are only a little over 6,000 individuals in the world and the bird is inherently vulnerable to extinction. They, together with millions of other migratory birds, migrate along the East Asian – Australasian Flyway (EAAF) twice every year and would encounter different situations which affect their survival. The game also conveys the importance of conserving different wetlands,  between  Mai Po Nature Reserve and Inner Deep Bay (EAAFP FNS 003) in Hong Kong, the wintering ground, and Songdo Tidal Flat (EAAFP FNS 145)  in Incheon, Ro Korea, the breeding ground, for the protection of Black-faced Spoonbill and other migratory waterbirds.

The Education Pack is targeting 6 to 15 year-olds, to enhance their understanding of human-nature environment, promote their interest and concern for Nature (particularly about migratory birds and wetlands), widen their horizon on global issues, and help them to develop positive value towards conservation of natural environment and wildlife by adopting a sustainable lifestyle. It includes an interpretation note and a manual for teachers and educators, English, Chinese and Korean versions are available.

The original version of “Lolo Flying Journey” was in use for over 10 years in Hong Kong for environmental education. The new version provides more updated information, while WWF and EAAFP are also expecting to bring the pack to wider users in other places. Training and learning activities for teachers and students would be held soon.

Digital version of updated “Lolo Flying Journey” can be downloaded from the following sources:

(English version)

(Traditional Chinese version)

(Korean version) Link


About WWF-Hong Kong

WWF is a leading global conservation organization, with a network active in more than 100 countries. WWF’s mission is to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. WWF-Hong Kong has been working since 1981 to deliver solutions for a living planet through conservation, footprint and education programmes, with the aim of transforming Hong Kong into Asia’s most sustainable city. For more information, please visit:

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為響應5月14日的「世界候鳥日」,喚起全球關注保護候鳥及其生境,世界自然基金會香港分會(WWF)與東亞—澳大利西亞遷飛區伙伴關係協定(East Asian – Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP)) 合作,並承蒙韓國仁川市政府和漢斯·賽德爾基金會(Hanns Seidel Foundation)的支持,推出更新版遊戲教材套「Lolo飛行手記」。

「LoLo飛行手記」是一套以候鳥遷徙和濕地保育為主題的教材套,透過生動有趣的遊戲,讓參加者化身成黑臉琵鷺,體驗刺激又驚險的遷徙旅程。黑臉琵鷺被《世界自然保護聯盟紅色名錄》列為「瀕危」物種,全球數目只剩6千多隻,面臨絕種威脅。牠們每年兩次和成千上萬其他品種的候鳥沿著東亞—澳大利西亞遷飛區遷徙,有機會遇上各種各樣的狀況,影響牠們的生存。遊戲帶出保育各地的濕地對遷徙候鳥的重要性,包括黑臉琵鷺的渡冬地—香港的米埔自然保護區和內后海灣 (EAAFP FNS 003),以及其繁殖地—韓國仁川的松島潮灘(EAAFP FNS 145) 。

本教材套旨在讓6至15歲的學童認識人類與大自然的關係、提升他們對大自然的興趣及關注 (尤其有關候鳥和濕地)、擴闊國際視野,最終幫助他們建立對保護自然環境和野生生物的正確價值觀,並實踐符合可持續原則的生活習慣。教材套包括使用手冊、遊戲冊和講解重點,供老師和教育工作者參考。現時設有英文、繁體中文和韓文的版本。





(韓文版) (link)


世界自然基金會是全球性環保組織,分會及辦事處遍佈全球逾 100 個國家。世界自然基金會的使命是建立人類與大自然和諧共存的未來。世界自然基金會香港分會自 1981 年成立,透過保育及教育項目提出解決方法,推動香港成為亞洲最可持續發展的城市。查詢更詳細資料 

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