World Migratory Bird Day 2021 October Event – Cambodia

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Event Title :

World Migratory Bird Day event in Toul Pantaley Boeung Sna Multiple Used Area, Cambodia


-General Directorate of Administration for Nature Conservation and Protection, Ministry of Environment of Cambodia

-Toul Pantaley Boeung Sner Community

-Department of Environment Prey Veng Province


28th November 2022


Target audience No. of participants 
School students, teachers or parents 30
University students 5
Researchers, scientist 5
Site managers for flyway site and wetlands 10
Decision or policy makers 3
Media 2
Others – specify (Monk) 1


©️GDANCP/MoE Cambodia

This was the first World Migratory Bird Day event in Toul Pantaley Boeung Sna Multiple Used Area (TPBS), a newly designed protected area located in Prey Veng Province. TPBS is a relatively flat area located in the eastern floodplain of Mekong River and is subject to the influence of the Mekong River with the seasonal variations inflows. The inundated forest in the TPBS also home of millions of waterbirds for both foraging and nesting sites. Due to the dramatic drop of covid-19 cases in the country with high vaccination rate, we could switch from online events to organize the onsite WMBD event in this newly designed protected wetland with students and local communities.

World Migratory Bird Day 2021 in Cambodia was organized in Toul Pantaley Boeung Sna Multiple Used Area (TPBS), the newly designed protected wetland and also the first protected area in Prey Veng Province. The event was organized by the General Directorate of Administration for Nature Conservation and Protection, Ministry of Environment Cambodia in collaboration with Department of Environment Prey Veng Province, Torp Sdach Primary School, Toul Pantaley Boeung Sner Community and East Asian Australian Flyway Partnership. The event was celebrated following the guideline of the Ministry of Health which all participants were provided masks, wash hands with gel or alcohol, and measure the temperature.

©️GDANCP/MoE Cambodia

The speech and lecture relating related to bird identification, migratory bird, flyway and the importance of wetlands for waterbirds as well as migratory bird during both forging and breeding. The CEPA activities during the event including Q&A which questions were asked to students related to the migratory bird, key species, and the important of wetlands especially Toul Pantaley Boeung Sna Multiple Used Area. The rewards were provided those students who have the corrected answers. Moreover, the awareness materials including water bottles and notebooks were provided to the participants. Some supports were provided to school, pagoda, and local monitoring team for their environmentally friendly practise and actively involved in the conserving the Toul Pantaley Boeung Sna Multiple Used Area also as encouragement for their participation in monitoring the inundated forest and the birds. During the event, a field visit was organized to TBPS and a hundred inundated native nursery trees were planted in TBPS as part of the habitat restoration activities.

©️GDANCP/MoE Cambodia

To date, the Ministry of Environment Cambodia have designated Anlung Pring Protected Landscape as the first Flyway Network Site (FNS). The Anlung Pring Protected Landscaped is located in Boeung Salang Kang Tbaung and Prek Kruss communes, Kampong Trach district, in Kampot Province, and adjacent to the international border between Cambodia and Vietnam. Each year, this wetland plays a significant role in hosting large numbers of Sarus Crane and other migratory birds from December to May during the non-breeding season for those species. However, it is needed to promote and raise awareness of the conservation of migratory birds, their flyway as well as to encourage the local authorities on nominated the important wetlands that support migratory birds as FNS for further promotion, conservation and exchange good management models with other FNS along the East Asian Australian Flyway.

©️GDANCP/MoE Cambodia

©️GDANCP/MoE Cambodia


  • The first celebration event related to migratory birds in Toul Pantaley Boeung Sna Multiple Used Area of Prey Veng Province
  • Students and local authorities familiar with migratory birds, flyway and the importance of wetlands
  • The EAAFP and its concept were promoted to the sub-national or local authority
  • Awareness-raising materials were provided to students and local communities

Check the event photos [here].

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