MOP9 CEPA Interactive Sessions Report

Sandra Hails, CEPA Working Group Chair

Two interactive group sessions were held at the Ninth Meeting of the Partners (MOP9) for all participants.

  • Interactive Session 1: Developing a long-term vision for EAAFP and the Flyway
  • Interactive Session 2: Mechanism for increasing engagement for Partnership

EAF_5648 © Eugene Cheah/EAAFP

The first session asked participants, working within groups, to imagine the Flyway after 10 years of successful implementation of a new Strategic Plan. What would it look like? The second session required participants to identify individually and then within groups ‘what are you not doing now that is important for flyway implementation’ and ‘why are you not doing it?’

The two sessions were effective in sharing views and aspirations for the Flyway in an informal environment by the different groups of implementers at the MOP. The results make interesting reading and will help inform the development of the next Strategic Plan for the Flyway Partnership.

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