International Symposium for HPAI and Wild Bird Conservation was held in ROK

by EAAFP Secretariat


Dr. Hon Ip from the USGS National Wildlife Health Center giving a presentation

The international Symposium for HPAI and Wild Bird Conservation (23-24 July 2015) was held at the National Institute of Ecology in Seocheon, Republic of Korea. It was hosted by the Ministry of Environment, and organised by National Institute of Ecology. International experts gathered to give presentations about HPAI in their countries and shared information and their experience with H5N8. Judit Szabo, EAAFP Science Officer gave a presentation: The role of migratory waterbirds in the spread of avian inflenza: blaming the victim?

Questions from the audience focused on the results of spraying disinfectants in nature, if other countries ban birdwatching and nature activities during outbreaks and how important is the size of farms and breed of chickens for their sensitivity of AI as well as ways of separating wild birds from poultry and effective biosecurity measures. Discussion among the experts focused on surveillance, prevention and eradication methods for AI.

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