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Farewell Shorebirds

roebuck-Ricki_CoughlanRoebuck Bay, Australia © Ricki Coughlan

Australia, once again, bid ‘Farewell Shorebirds’

“To celebrate this incredible journey, BirdLife Australia together with the Australasian Wader Studies Group bring you Farewell Shorebirds, an exciting event that focuses on the fascinating lives of some of the 35 species of birds.”

#WelcomeWaterbirds - across the EAA Flyway


As the Southern parts of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway bid their annual farewell to long distance travellers, inspired by ‘Farewell Shorebirds‘, we take this opportunity to welcome migratory waterbirds to their stop-overs and destinations on their migration to breeding grounds. Wherever you are in EAAF, join us in bidding farewell or welcome to our migratory waterbirds to wish for their safe journey and successful breeding.

Everyone is encouraged to spread this welcome message and express your joy at the wonder of migration in whatever way you can, details on sharing your activities and well wishes can be found at #WelcomeWaterbirds  

EAAFP e-Newsletter : No. 18 – March 2015

Saunders's Gull at Gojan mudflats, Songdo, South Korea © Eugene Cheah

Saunders’s Gull at Gojan mudflats, Songdo, South Korea © Eugene Cheah

“It is encouraging that more and more welcoming events, bird festivals, tracking studies and media commentaries are highlighting the wonder of this annual migration and raising awareness and appreciation of the need to save these birds and the places they depend on to complete their journeys.” <EAAFP e-Newsletter: No.18 – March 2015>

EAAFP MOP8, Kushiro, Japan, 16-21 January 2015

MOP8 icon small

The Eighth Meeting of Partners (MOP8) of EAAFP was held on 16-21 January in Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan, hosted by Kushiro City and the Ministry of the Environment of Japan. Of EAAFP’s 34 Partners, 29 attended the meeting, including representatives of 16 of the 17 Country Partners. <Read more>

Banner-Year-of-Godwit2015 : Year of the Godwit by Pukorokoro Miranda Naturalists’ Trust

For more information on these and other important waterbirds in the East Asian-Australasian Flyway visit our Migratory Waterbirds pages to learn about the various amazing species moving across our flyway every year.