World Migratory Bird Day Event 2020 – Malaysia (Shorebirds Peninsular Malaysia Project)

World Migratory Bird Day poster in Malay ©Shorebirds Peninsular Malaysia Project

Event title:
On The Trail of The Shorebirds (virtual on-line quiz)

Shorebirds Peninsular Malaysia Project


A total 305 participants as follows:

1. Participants who either Like, shared, and/ or follow our Facebook page during the event’s promotion period between 30th April 2020 – 8th May 2020 : 250 people
2. Participants who participate our online quiz on 9th May 2020 : 55 respondents


Aiming to enhance the knowledge on migratory birds with special focus on shorebirds and advocate migratory birds conservation effort among Malaysian, we believed that our virtual event has opened their mind and enhanced their knowledge. Among the 55 respondents, 20 of them successfully answered all 10 questions with full marks, and 12 with 9 marks. We also received positive feedback from messages that came into our inbox and comments on the Facebook wall. Facebook link [here].


An independent research unit, Shorebirds Peninsular Malaysia Project (SPMP) based in Malaysia has volunteered to organize a virtual event called On The Trail of The Shorebirds. As the world is now facing pandemic Covid-19, it is necessary to minimize the spreading of the virus among people and to avoid mass gathering. Hence this virtual event was conducted in effort to advocate international cooperation in conserving migratory birds. It was an online quiz opened to all Malaysian citizens aimed to raise awareness on the celebration of World Migratory Bird Day 2020 as well as aiming to spread the knowledge of migratory shorebirds among locals. Prior to the contest day on 9th May 2020, series posting of migratory shorebirds were shared on SPMP’s Facebook page. In 2nd May 2020, the SPMP’s coordinator, Nur Munira, has shared to the public what is WMBD, the importance of migratory birds, and their population threats on a short video. We also shared information on migratory shorebirds for the following days from 3rd to 8th May 2020.

On the last day before the contest, Shorebirds Peninsular Malaysia Project highlighted the international cooperation in conserving migratory birds and the purpose of East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partner (EAAFP) establishment and also helped promote the website of Malaysia’s EAAFP flyway.

9th May 2020, Shorebirds Peninsular Malaysia Project launched the quiz online form in English and Malay version and received a total of 55 respondents. 32 winners were selected and they will receive our exclusive t-shirt in June 2020. Overall there were 250 new likes (during one week of shared posts) on Facebook page and every posting reach between 200-7000 people. Shorebirds Peninsular Malaysia Project received very good responses from our followers on Facebook throughout the 8 days of posting. Many of them came from different backgrounds, ranging from school students to university students, housewife to researchers, and local people. Some of them were first time to hear about migratory birds, and they learnt deeper about the diversity of birds in Malaysia. This virtual event is believed to be successfully achieved its objectives and make more Malaysian to take care of these incredible creatures.

Migration of Bar-tailed Godwit ©Shorebirds Peninsular Malaysia Project

Great Knot starting journey to Australia ©Shorebirds Peninsular Malaysia Project

20 species shorebirds in breeding plumage ©Shorebirds Peninsular Malaysia Project

Curlew Sandpiper, near-threatened species in East Asian-Australasian Flyway ©Shorebirds Peninsular Malaysia Project


Species of residents and migrants of herons found at coastal areas and estuaries of Teluk Air Tawar-Kuala Muda, IBA. ©Shorebirds Peninsular Malaysia Project

Brown-headed Gulls ©Shordbirds Peninsular Malaysia Project


World Migratory Bird Day poster in English ©Shorebirds Peninsular Malaysia Project


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