No.Project TitlePrinciple InvestigatorWorking Groups/
Task Forces
Country Fund Amount (USD)ApplicationProject ReportArticles
1Survey and hunting assessment of shorebirds with
special focus on Spoon-billed Sandpiper
in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia
Adha, ChairunasSpoon-billed
Sandpiper Task Force
Indonesia$5,000EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2019_Application_SBS TFEAAFP_WG/TF Small Grant 2019_Report_SBS TFArticle
2Population Analysis and Community Workshop for
Far Eastern Curlew Conservation Action in
Pantai Desa Sungai Cemara, Jambi, Indonesia
Febrianto, IwanFar Eastern
Curlew Task Force
Indonesia$5,000EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2019_Application_FEC TFEAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2019_Report_FEC TFArticle
3A waterfowl survey, focussed on Baer's Pochard (Aythya baeri),
of the Argun River, Amur basin, Zabaikalsky Krai
Goroshko, OlegBaer’s Pochard Task ForceRussia$2,080EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2019_Application_Baer's Porchard TFThe project will be implemented in 2021 due to the COVID
4Inventory of Seabirds at a potential new flyway site
(Pulau Layang Layang), South China Sea, Malaysia
Hamza, Abdulmula Seabird Working GroupMalaysia$5,000EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2019_Application_Seabird WGThis project has been closed due to COVID-19 situation
5Evaluation of hunting pressure on Numeius species
(Curlews, Whimbrels) and other shorebirds in the Russian Far East.
Stage one: initiation of surveys in Kamchatka
Klokov, KonstatinIllegal Hunting Task ForceRussia$5,000EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2019_Application_Illegal Hunting TFEAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2019_Report_Illegal Hunting TF
6Nordmann's Greenshank and
Redshank Bredding Ecology Study
in the Bay of Schast'e, Sea of Okhotsk, Russia
Pronkevich, Vladimir
Shorebird Working GroupRussia$5,000EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2019_Application_Shorebird WGEAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2019_Report_Shorebird WGArticle
7Bird Community Monitoring at
Chau Delta, Chukotka, Russia,
as related to Climate Change and
Anthropogenic Factors
Solovyeva, DianaMonitoring of waterbird populations and sites Task ForceRussia$2,920EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2019_Application_Monitioring of WPS TFEAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2019_Report_Monitoring of WPS TFArticle

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