Symposium: Impacts of Wind Farms on Migratory Birds

? Countermeasures for barrier effects and collision with migratory birds -


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Wind power generation has been introduced in many countries in the world as a source of efficient renewable electricity. However, wind farms can cause the collisions with birds and habitat loss for migratory waterbirds. In the symposium, advanced overseas cases are shared to learn how biodiversity conservation and energy supply shift to natural energy can be achieved together.

  • Date: Sunday, 11 December 2016
  • Time: 13:00-17:30 (Registration starts at 12:30)
  • Venue: North Hall, Keio University Mita Campus
    Access map:
  • Number of seats: 100 seats
  • Registration: E-mail to
    *Please include 1. Your name, 2. Affiliation, and 3. Title of the symposium.
  • Simultaneous interpretation between Japanese and English is available.
  • Organizer: Wild Bird Society of Japan and BirdLife International Tokyo
  • Program
    1. Introduction
    Impacts of wind farm on birds and issues with EIA
    2. Key note lecture -1?Dr. Aonghais Cook (British Trust for Ornithology)
    Impacts of wind farm on birds – Effects on migratory birds.
    3. Key note lecture -2?Dr. Tristram Allinson (BirdLife International)
    Sensitivity map as countermeasure for avoid the impacts to migratory birds
    4. Panel discussion


Summary of lecture

Key note lecture-1?Dr. Aonghais Cook (British Trust for Ornithology)
In this presentation, I review the existing evidence base on barrier effects in relation to both onshore and offshore wind farms. I consider the strengths and weaknesses of the methodologies which have been used and how the impact of barrier effects may vary between different species or species groups. I highlight those species or species groups which may be particularly sensitive to barrier effects and discuss potential approaches with which to mitigate these impacts.

Key note lecture-2?Tristram Allinson (BirdLife International)
In this presentation, I review how such tools can be used to assess wind farm impacts, including from barrier effects, in order to ensure that wind farms are not sited in locations where they will have a detrimental impact on soaring bird species.


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