Birdwatching with GCF IEU interns – Namdong Reservoir

On 3 November 2021, the Green Climate Fund Independent Evaluation Unit (GCF IEU) interns and EAAFP interns visited the Black-faced Spoonbill (BFS) Ecology Learning Centre, to learn about the threatened migratory species and to do birdwatching together at the Namdong Reservoir, near Songdo, Incheon, Ro Korea. The reservoir consists of two islands, one artificial island was created by the Incheon Government to provide a habitat for migratory bird species, especially BFS.

Group photo at the BFS Ecology Learning Centre © EAAFP Secretariat

Following the previous study session on biodiversity and climate change hosted by the EAAFP interns, the virtual session was extended to learn on-site about the importance of migratory waterbirds and their habitats. First, we headed to the BFS Ecology Learning Center. The center provides education and organizes activities to raise awareness to the citizens to ensure migratory waterbirds and habitats are well protected and sustainably managed.

BFS presentation © EAAFP Secretariat

After Director Yun Dong-koo of EAAFP Foundation shared the background and relevant activities on BFS, the group then headed to the reservoir to do birdwatching. The EAAFP interns shared how to use binoculars and scopes to capture the beauty of the birds resting on the islands. Sharing the experience on birdwatching was memorable for both the GCF IEU and EAAFP interns, understanding the importance of both climate change and biodiversity.

Birdwatching © EAAFP Secretariat

This engagement successfully ended in hope to continue this relationship with the GCF IEU interns, and exchange relevant activities and information on climate change and biodiversity. Also, the GCF IEU interns shared their experiences following this event.

Mr. Mark Hopkins, Evaluation Intern, said “it was really nice to learn today about the BFS. Thank you.”

Ms. Christina Humtsoe, Evaluation Intern, said “the experience here with EAAFP has been amazing as bird watching is usually something old people will do that was so underrated! For me I saw how pleasant this activity was and how informative it is. The birds are very important as part of the ecosystem; hence this opportunity really shared with me the importance on how we should preserve and conserve the environment.”

Ms. Lauere Torterat , research assistant consultant at IEU, said “I have been doing birdwatching with EAAFP today, and it was a very nice experience. I didn’t really think much about why we need to protect birds. However, now I understand the importance of protecting them and using binoculars to watch the birds was very special.”

Ms. Ana Carolina Assay Sarem, Sustainability Unit Intern Office of Risk Management and Compliance, said “I thank you for the opportunity to come here, it was great to see such special birds especially BFS as they are unique. As I come from Latin America, I wouldn’t be able to see such a bird. Especially that even now in November, we are lucky to find the BFS. And I understand that the work at the EAAFP to conserve the migratory birds is so important.”

Ms. Anh Van Nguyen, Strategic Partnership and Outreach Team, said “this was my first time going for bird watching in Korea. It was such an interesting event as I lived here for more than 2 years yet I never saw such activity. Normally I would see people do hiking and other activities, yet this birdwatching is important to increase awareness on biodiversity and endangered species. I hope that people will understand and learn more about the birds to protect the environment to maintain the bird’s population and they can continue their successful migratory journey.”

Ms. Anujin Battulga, External Relations Assistant, said “I had great time with GCF IEU interns. While answering their questions about migratory waterbirds, I learned a lot about them too. It was a great opportunity to meet international interns and learn about migratory waterbirds.”

Ms. Hyoeun Kim, Programme Assistant, said “Always, watching the waterbirds is one of my favorite activities in the EAFFP secretariat. I was so happy to share my experience with the international interns and get knowledge-sharing meetings by linking climate change and biodiversity. I look forward to the next exchanging GCF IEU.”

Ms. Yoo Jung Kwon, Programme Assistant, said “it was really nice to open our doors inviting our G-tower neighbors to our Secretariat and go do birdwatching together. Once again through this synergy shared, it highlights how climate change and biodiversity is a two-way process, especially as climate change is affecting our migratory waterbirds habitat. I hope we can continue on exchanging our organizations activity and works, especially continue doing bird watching all over Republic of Korea.”

Ms. Yunjoo Cho, External Relations & Foundation Assistant, said “It was an excellent opportunity to build a network with interns at GCF IEU, and as an assistant working at EAAFP Secretariat, I was proud of myself to introduce Black-faced Spoonbills by directly conducting a birdwatching with them. I am pretty sure that it will be one of my memorable moments while working here.”

Ms. Yuji Lim, Administration and Finance Assistant, said “Birdwatching is always an exciting activity and I was very grateful to share this experience with the GCF(and IEU) friends. Hope this was a good experience for them to learn about the migratory birds in Incheon and we’d like to maintain this good relationship with GCF.”

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