Little Curlew satellite tracking in 25th April 2015

Inka Veltheim & Clive Minton


Very exciting news – two of the little curlew with PTTs deployed this year have departed Anna Plains (IDs 61 and 65). This timing of departure matches well with a bird from 2014 (24/4/14), which reached the breeding grounds.

The two little curlew are travelling together, presumably in a flock, and at 10pm last night (24th April) were 210 km north west of Anna Plains.

Last fixes for these birds were at 4:27am (65) and 5:20am (61) this morning (25th April), roughly 560km north west of AP.

More updates to come as the migration progresses. Exciting times ahead!

To find out more updates, please visit Little Curlew satellite tracking in 2015 page at

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