GFN Bohai Report 2013 Published

Report by Global Flyway Network


The GFN Bohai Report 2013 reports on the field work of Red Knot northward migration through Bohai Bay in China from April to June 2013.

A total of 4,615 marked shorebirds in EAAF was recorded including 613 sightings of colourbanded birds from North West Australia.  Bohai Bay is of the vital importance of the area for the Red Knot, notably piersmai subspecies.

The importance of vast area of commercial salt ponds adjacent to the inter-tidal area was evident for migratory shorebirds to feed and roost before they head to next destination in Russia. The team had stunning counts of 95,000 birds in a single pond and individual counts representing 34% of EAAF population of Curlew Sandpipers and the 33 % of EAAF population of Red Knot. As the salt ponds are a critical high tide roost and should be included in any conservation initiative.

The continuing pressures on the inter-tidal area are obvious with the contining development of industrial and housing areas adjacent to and on the inter-tidal area. The direct destruction of the inter-tidal area had slowed this season but huge building projects are taking place in former salt pond habitat. The report gives details of a proposal to help secure the future of this area.

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