Farewell to External Relations Assistant, Elaine Wong

In the words of Ms. Elaine Wong

“I have always wanted to work under an international and multicultural environment as it allows me to broaden my horizon through exploring new cultures and meeting new people. I am glad that I was given the chance by EAAFP to start my international career as an External Relations Assistant.

EAAFP 2019 Year-End Reception in November 2019

Through this internship, I was given chances to take responsibilities in various projects and events and I have learnt a lot from them. First and foremost, I have provided support in the development and implementation of projects and organizing meetings and events. For example, I have assisted with running of the 2019 EAAFP Waterbirds Photo Contest, I supported the large photo database management, was responsible for designing certificates and handled awards shipment, be the main contact person for the winners, collected and uploaded their success stories on the photo contest website. Besides, during the organization of the 2019 EAAFP Year-End Reception, I was in charge of the online registration process, helped compose formal invitation letters and obtained people-oriented skills through being one of the receptionists.

EAAFP 2019 Year-End Reception in November 2019
Photo credit: Alexandra Myakonkova/ EAAFP

Moreover, I assisted the External Relations Team for the establishment of two online waterbirds donation pages on the EAAFP website with an aim to conserve White naped-cranes and Scaly-sided Merganser. I was responsible for a range of tasks from drafting contents, designing web posters to launching the web pages. This was a valuable experience as I was asked to be responsible for the two important fundraising projects and got the chance to gain technical stills using various graphic design applications such as Canva, Mailchimp, WordPress etc.

Being the External Relations Assistant in EAAFP Secretariat has allowed me to gain more insights in identifying effective projects, designing and developing programs and strategies and how to plan and execute them. Through this internship I have gained real work experience in an international organization understanding what it takes to drive projects forward and acquire insights and understanding in working in an international organization with people from diverse backgrounds. Furthermore, it has also been a valuable opportunity to get to know professionals in the conservation community and learn how the team works together and how each person fits into the team with their roles and responsibilities. Finally, I have met great mentors, peers and friends who have helped and guided me throughout the internship.”

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