EAAFP Foundation released “Bird-Meets-Arts” Ep.4 Illustration and CEPA

On 31st August, EAAFP Foundation and Yeonsu Foundation of Arts and Culture (YSFAC) released the fourth video of the Bird-Meets-Arts Project, “Illustration and CEPA (Communication, Education, Participation and Awareness)”. Featuring Ms. Green Choi, the painting ecologist and the representative of MEET GREEN, the video introduces how art and illustration can be an effective tool for communication, education, participation, and awareness, also known as CEPA.

Ms. Green Choi is a bird and nature lover, she brings illustration, bird research and ecological education together to introduce birds and nature to people in a friendly way. In the video, she introduces the Songdo tidal flat and Black-faced Spoonbill to elementary students from Songdo through her illustration. Through the class, Ms. Green Choi explained how the Songdo tidal flat has been internationally recognized as an important breeding site and what it means to have Black-faced Spoonbills visiting the region. Then the class was followed by the discussion on the characterization process.

MEET GREEN, the Center for Bird Watching Culture and Contents production, is working on the 522 Project. The 522 Project introduces each species of birds visiting RO Korea as a character. The number 522 resembles the World Biodiversity Day celebrated every year on May 22nd, encouraging everyone to remember to importance of biodiversity.

Ms. Green Choi recommends people to close your eyes so that you can feel the sounds of nature right beside you.

EP1: Migratory Waterbirds in Yeonsu, Incheon RO Korea
EP2: Wetlands
EP3: History of Songdo Tidal Flat, Yeonsu
EP4: Illustration and CEPA
EP5: Youth
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About EAAFP Foundation
The EAAFP Foundation was established in 2019 to contribute to providing the Partnership with a mechanism to support sustainable financing and expand its engagement with various types of organizations for the conservation of migratory waterbirds and habitats in EAA Flyway. The Foundation office is based in Songdo, Incheon, Republic of Korea. For more information, visit https://foundation.eaaflyway.net/

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