Education and promoting information and knowledge about wetlands and migratory waterbirds is an essential CEPA activity. Below are selected resources for school teachers and educators focusing wetlands and migratory waterbirds. Click the blue buttons below to be directed to the specific sections.

Name / Title Organization / ProviderType of materialsTopic coveredRegions for materials Target group (age/grades)Indoor / outdoorLanguageLinks

Learning about Nature and Wetlands

Discovering wetlands in AustraliaAustralian GovernmentTeacher's manualWetlands, animals in wetlandsAustraliaK - Grade 3BothEnglishLink
Education Resources - Dynamic learning tools for all agesU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service All curricular, all forms Nature USAK-12th Grade + all agesBothEnglishLink
WWT Learning Zone Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT)Teaching resources, classroom activitiesNature, ecology, climateGlobalAll agesIndoor EnglishLink
WWT Fun & learningWildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT)Home learning, fun stuffs, quizzes, DIY activitiesWetlands, animals in wetlandsGlobalAll agesIndoor EnglishLink
Education ResourcesWWF-Hong KongReadable source (+activity sheet)Oceans, Wetlands, Wildlife, Biodiversity, Green CitiesAsia (Hong Kong) K - Grade 12BothEnglish/ChineseLink
Learning and School resourcesWetland Link International (WLI)Reading materials, online games, videos, summer camps, home-schoolingWetlandsUK12-16 years oldBothEnglishLink
Wetland Lessons and ActivitiesWatsonville Wetlands WatchActivity sheet & VideoWetlandsUSAGrade 5-8BothEnglishLink
WETCONNECTProject WETAll formsWater, watershed, climate, etcGlobalAll agesBothEnglishLink
Project WILDAssociation of Fish & Wildlife agenciesActivity manual Wildlife and habitatsGlobalK - Grade 12BothEnglishLink
Teacher's Guide to Wetland ActivitiesDucks Unlimited CanadaReadable sourceWetlandsUSAGrade 3 - 12IndoorEnglishLink
Wetlands around the World ProgrammeDucks Unlimited CanadaReadable source (+activity sheet)WetlandsCanadaK - Grade 3BothEnglishLink

Learning about Migratory Waterbirds

Education Resources on cranesInternational Crane Foundation (ICF)Library materials, activity packages, classrooms, youth activities, videos, etcCranesGlobalAll agesBothEnglishLink
Spoon-billed Sandpiper Teaching KitHong Kong Bird Watching SocietyInformation, story book, suggested activitiesSpoon-billed Sandpiper Asia (Hong Kong) Grade 1-6Both English, Chinese, JapaneseLink
Black-tailed Godwit (European populations) Project GodwitClassroom materials, games, art work, animationBlack-tailed GodwitEuropeK - Grade 3Both EnglishLink
Migration! A Shorebird's Risk JourneyU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service GameMigratory WaterbirdsUSAK- Grade 3BothEnglishLink
Migratory Bird Word SearchU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service GameMigratory WaterbirdsUSAGrade 3 +IndoorEnglishLink
Youth Guide to Birds and WetlandU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Class activity manual Waterbirds, WetlandUSAK - Grade 12BothEnglishLink
Migratory Bird ProgramU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Fact SheetsMigratory WaterbirdsUSAAll agesIndoorEnglishLink
Creative STEM Resources using ShorebirdsWings threadsOnline information resources, A non-fiction storybook, comicsMigratory WaterbirdsAustraliaGrade 3 +BothEnglishLink

Black-faced Spoonbill Materials

LOLO'S Flying Journey – Black-faced SpoonbillWWF-Hong KongReadable source (+activity sheet)Black-faced SpoonbillAsia (Hong Kong) K - Grade 12BothEnglish, ChineseLink
A Glimpse of the Breeding Black-faced SpoonbillHong Kong Wetland ParkFilmBlack-faced SpoonbillAsiaAll agesOutdoorEnglish, Mandarin, CantoneseLink
저어저어 저어새 (English title: Swing, Swing, Black-faced Spoonbill)가울Illustration Book Black-faced SpoonbillRO KoreaAll ages, Children
도시에 저어새섬이 있어요! (English title: There is a Black-faced Spoonbill island in the city!)Beryongso - Nam seonjung
Drawing Book Black-faced SpoonbillRO KoreaAll ages, Children
저어새의 놀이터 (A Playground of the Black-faced Spoonbill)Hagisa - Jo myeongsook
Drawing Book Black-faced SpoonbillRO KoreaAll ages, Children

Learning about nature and wetlands

Learning about migratory waterbirds

Black-faced Spoonbill

2022: LOLO'S Flying Journey – Black-faced Spoonbill


Korean Drawing Book
Beryongso - Nam seonjung: 도시에 저어새섬이 있어요!
(English title: There is a Black-faced Spoonbill island in the city!)

Korean Drawing Book
Hagisa - Jo myeongsook: 저어새의 놀이터
(English title: A Playground of the Black-faced Spoonbill)