Yeongjong Migratory Birds and Mudflats Event 2018

Participants holding the placard “Our Pride, Yeongjongdo Tidal Flat” ©Jung-bu Ilbo

On 2nd June, EAAFP staff members participated in Yeongjong (Incheon) Migratory Birds and Mudflats Event as a sponsor. Starting from 2016, it was held the third time this year and co-organized by Incheon Bridge Co., Ltd, Green Incheon (Local NGO), and ii-rang which is a center for ecological education in Republic of Korea, with the purpose of sharing the ecological importance in Yeongjong Island and Incheon.

In the morning, 150 young participants who applied the programme in advance explored mudflats and birdwatching with mudflat guides. Children’s laughter continued whenever they were walking in mudflat and found creatures like macrophthalmus, lugworms in the area. Mudflat guide said, “Guys, look at the Heron over there, they are waiting for us to leave because here are their habitats with plenty of their foods, so please let the creatures back to the mudflat for themselves and birds.” After the field experience in mudflat, they washed their feet and headed to watch the birds with telescope.

In the afternoon, the second session began with taking an oath from two Korean kids for conserving the mudflats and protecting nature. Each person from sponsors and organizations co-organized this event delivered a welcoming speech. Mr. Suhong Kim, CEO of Incheon bridge Co., Ltd, said he expected for future generation to find the importance of sustainable development through this event, and to find the importance of Mudflat area as well. Also, Mr. Lew Young, Chief Executive of EAAFP, welcomed children by asking “what did you do(see) in Mudflat today?” firstly. With active answers from passionate kids, he stressed the importance of mudflats as habitat for birds and migratory birds.

Lew Young, Chief Executive of EAAFP ©Minshil/EAAFP

Children also enjoyed activities by joining OX environmental quizzes and visiting various booths including photography exhibition of mudflat and migratory birds, face-painting, coloring eco-bag, making own badge, and so on. Despite strong sun-shine, there were a lot of people lining up in front of each booth for activities.

It was great time for public awareness about how Incheon Mudflat is important and beautiful it is. While there are still many things to do to ensure the future of migratory birds dependant on the Yeongjongdo, today is a great start to inform people to do an action.


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