2022 Year of the Terns


There are over 150 seabird species in the East Asian – Australasian Flyway (EAA Flyway). Many of them spend most of their lives in offshore oceans and have long trans-equatorial migration routes, only coming to land during the breeding season. This makes it especially difficult to study seabirds, and most species remain understudied in the EAA Flyway. Furthermore, while some species have large populations, many others face the risk of extinction and population decline due to various threats such as offshore fishery practices, and invasive species on islands; some of which are specific to seabirds.  

To raise awareness among EAAFP Partners, researchers, conservationists, and the general public, while promoting the exchange of information and collaboration on seabird species in the EAA Flyway, the EAAFP and the Seabird Working Group initiated the Year of the Terns in 2022. Out of the 16 tern species in the EAA Flyway, seven species were selected: Chinese Crested Tern (CR), Aleutian Tern (VU), Greater Crested Tern, Bridled Tern, Little Tern, Black-naped Tern and Roseate Tern.  

Stay tuned for the upcoming activities, and all are invited to support us in the Year of the Terns!

Tern of the Month

Tern species list for the EAA Flyway

SpeciesCommon NameIUCN status
Thalasseus bernsteiniChinese Crested TernCR
Sterna acuticauda Black-bellied TernEN
Chlidonias albostriatusBlack-fronted TernEN
Sternula nereis Fairy Tern VU
Onychoprion aleuticusAleutian TernVU
Sterna aurantiaRiver TernVU
Gelochelidon niloticaGull-billed TernLC
Hydroprogne caspiaCaspian TernLC
Thalasseus bengalensisLesser Crested TernLC
Thalasseus bergiiGreater Crested TernLC
Sterna dougalliiRoseate TernLC
Sterna striataWhite-fronted TernLC
Sterna sumatranaBlack-naped TernLC
Sterna hirundoCommon TernLC
Sterna paradisaeaArctic TernLC
Sternula albifronsLittle TernLC
Onychoprion lunatusGrey-backed TernLC
Onychoprion anaethetusBridled TernLC
Onychoprion fuscatusSooty TernLC
Chlidonias hybridaWhiskered TernLC
Chlidonias leucopterusWhite-winged TernLC
Gygis albaWhite TernLC
Sterna vittataAntarctic TernLC
Anous stolidusBrown NoddyLC
Anous minutusBlack NoddyLC
Anous tenuirostrisLesser NoddyLC
Gelochelidon macrotarsaAustralian TernLC

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