Successful Applicants of WMBD Small Grant Fund May 2018

No.Principle Investigator Organization (Name)CountryTitle / Activity TypeFund Amount (USD)ApplicationReport
1Md Golam RabbiNature Conservation Society of BangladeshThe People's Republic of BangladeshConservation of Migratory Birds in Tanguar Haor of Bangladesh$1,000EAAFP WMBD Small Grant May 2018_Application_BangladeshReceived (30 May 2018)
2Srey SunleangDepartment of Freshwater Wetlands Conservation (DoFWC)CambodiaCelebration of World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) in Anglung Pring Protected Landscape (Sarus Crane Reserve)$1,000EAAFP WMBD Small Grant May 2018_Application_CambodiaReceived (15 June 2018)
3MAULANA HABIBIEUnit Kegiatan Mahasiswa Himpunan Mahasiswa Pecinta UnggasIndonesiaPublic awareness activity;
Educational activity;
Media event
$1,000EAAFP WMBD Small Grant May 2018_Application_IndonesiaReceived (28 May 2018)
4Gombobaatar SundevMongolian Ornithological SocietyMongoliaWorld Migratory Bird Day Mongolia 2018$1,000EAAFP WMBD Small Grant May 2018_Application_MongoliaReceived (25 July 2018)
5Pham Anh CuongBiodiversity Conservation AgencyVietnamPrinting and disseminating the EAAFP posters about the World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) 2018 to publish in the celebration meeting concurrently with the International Biological Diversity Day (IBD) 2018 in Vietnam$1,000EAAFP WMBD Small Grant May 2018_Application_Vietnam