Successful Applicants of WMBD Small Grant Fund May 2019

No.Principle Investigator Organization (Name)CountryTitle / Activity TypeFund Amount (USD)ApplicationReport
1Ei Thinzar AungPartner NGO (Biodiverisity And Nature Conservation Association [BANCA])The Republic of the Union of MyanmarPublic awareness activity – local and/or national;
Plastic cleaning up activity
$1,000EAAFP WMBD Small Grant May 2019_Application_MyanmarReceived (23 May 2019)
2Habibie, MaulanaSchool (HIMPUS FKH UNSYIAH)The Republic of IndonesiaPublic awareness activity – local and/or national; Birdwatching - field trip;
Educational activity/lecture;
Media Event
$995.32EAAFP WMBD Small Grant May 2019_Application_IndonesiaReceived (30 May 2019)
3Hossain, DelowerSchool (Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural Univeristy)The People's Republic of BangladeshEducational activity/outreach;
Essay competition and school programme;
Mass rally and discussion in world migratory day;
$1,000EAAFP WMBD Small Grant May 2019_Application_BangladeshReceived (17 May 2019)
4Namjilmaa, Battulga & Sundev, Gombobaatar NGO and Government Body (Mongolian Ornithological Society and Ramsar National Committee of Mongolia)MongoliaPublic awareness activity;
Birdwatching - field trip; Educational activity/lecture; Festival; Movie/video;
National Migratory Bird Art Contest
$986EAAFP WMBD Small Grant May 2019_Application_MongoliaReceived (15 Jun 2019)
5Rubin, Aren J.Government (Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office [PENRO])The PhilippinesEducational activity/lecture;
Outdoor learning event consists of bird watching, monitoring, and field trip in the wetland where migratory birds are observed;
1. Clean-up drive for birds and sanitation;
2. Exhibit on bird migration in the community
$550EAAFP WMBD Small Grant May 2019_Application_PhilippinesReceived (30 May 2019)
6Sunleang, SreyGovernment (Ministry of Environment Cambodia) The Kingdom of CambodiaPublic awareness activity;
Educational activity/lecture;
Media Event - Movie/video
$1,000EAAFP WMBD Small Grant May 2019_Application_CambodiaReceived (20 May 2019)