No.Project TitlePrinciple InvestigatorWorking Groups/
Task Forces
Country Fund Amount (USD)ApplicationProject ReportArticles
1Developing conservation management plan and public awareness for breeding colonies in western MongoliaNyambayar BATBAYARDalmatian Pelican TFMongolia4,370ApplicationExpected, by early March 2023
22021 Monitoring of Seabird Population in the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park (FNS) and World Heritage Site, PhilippinesAngelique SONGCOSeabird WGPhilippines5,000ApplicationReportArticle
3Conservation of Spoon-billed Sandpiper in Gulf of Mottama and Tanintharyi Coastal of MyanmarPyae Phyo AungSpoon-billed Sandpiper TFMyanmar5,000ApplicationReport
4Wing Threads national online education packageAmellia Joanne FormbyCEPA WGAustralia4,984Revised Application 2023Expected, by 2023
5Establishment and Coordination of the EAAF Shorebird Migration Tracking GroupYing Chi ChanShorebird WGNetherlands4,726ApplicationReportExpected, by late March 2023
6Evaluation of hunting pressure on Numenius species (Curlews, Whimbrels) and other shorebirds in the Russian Far East. Stage three: surveys in Khabarovskiy Krai Konstantin KLOKOVTF on Illegal Hunting, Taking and Trade of Migratory WaterbirdsRussia5,000ApplicationReport
7Identifying priority areas for seabird conservation in the PhilippinesCynthia Adeline Amoyo LAYUSASeabird WGPhilippines4,998ApplicationReportArticle 1
Article 2
8“Young Shorebird Ambassador Course” at Pak Thale-Laem Phak Bia Flyway Network Site, ThailandAyuwat JEARWATTANAKANOKCEPA WGThailand5,000ApplicationReport
9Evaluation of Vegetation Expansion as Potential Threat for Nordmann's Greenshank and other Migratory Shorebird at Pantai Cemara, Jambi, IndonesiaCipto Dwi HANDONOShorebird WGIndonesia5,000ApplicationReport
10Revealing an unknown EAAF shorebird migration: The wood snipeXiaotong RENShorebird WGChina5,000ApplicationReport
11Long term conservation of Baer's Pochard and migratory waterbird species in Pyu Lake, Paleik Inn and Banaw Inn in Mandalay Region, MyanmarThiri Dae We Aung
(Funding for the Potential FNS SGF)
Baer's Pochard TFMyanmar3,500ApplicationReport

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