No.Project TitlePrinciple InvestigatorWorking Groups/
Task Forces
Country Fund Amount (USD)ApplicationProject Report
1Nordmann's Greenshank and Redshank Breeding Ecology Study
in the Bay of Schast’e, Sea of Okhotsk, Russia
Federal State-Funded Institution of Science, Institute of Water and Ecology Problems, Far Eastern Branch, Russian Academy of SciencesRussia$5,812EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2018_Application_EAAFP_WG/TF Small Grant 2018_Report
2Waterfowl survey with a special reference to Baer's Pochard (Aythya baeri)
in Ganukan Refuge, Amur Region, Russian Far East,
July-August 2018
EAAFP Baer’s Pochard Task Force Baer's Pochard Task ForceRussia$1,600 EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant_2018_Application_BP TF
3Finalization of a report on “The conservation and wise use of intertidal wetlands around the Yellow/West Sea"Birds KoreaYellow Sea $600 EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2018_Application_EAAFP_WG/TF Small Grant 2018_Report
4Conserve regional migration species, Sarus Crane, in lower Mekong DeltaBirdlife International Cambodia Programme Crane Working GroupCambodia$5,000 EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2018_Application_Crane WG
5Conserving migratory waterbirds and wetlands in Asian flyways-promoting strengthened local networks for actions based on up-to-date monitoring information Wetlands InternationalMonitoring Task Force
25 Asian Flyway Countries$23,012EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant 2018_Application_Monitoring TF

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