Wetlands Australia: National Wetlands Update August 2015

Wetlands Australia: National Wetlands Update August 2015 (Issue No. 27) was issued by the Department of the Environment, Australian Government.


This edition highlights the actions by community groups, Indigenous organisations, universities and research institutions, non-government organisations and state and federal governments to raise awareness, restore and manage wetlands for the benefit of threatened birds, mammals, fish and frogs. Partnerships and collaborations have lead to some surprising discoveries and serendipitous outcomes.

Some articles are about the Flyway Network Sites of the EAAFP, including recently joined South-East Gulf of Carpentaria: Karumba-Smithburne (Delta Downs) [EAAF120].

Download individual chapters

Introduction (PDF – 134.5 KB)

Ramsar wetlands support threatened species and communities (PDF – 1.7 MB)

  • If you care about threatened species, you care about wetlands
  • Bitterns and rice: still on the conservation menu
  • Freedom for the Frecklies
  • Discovering the secret life of microbialites in the Peel-Yalgorup System Ramsar wetland in Western Australia
  • Building fences and strong partnerships to protect vulnerable saltmarsh in the Moreton Bay Ramsar site [EAAF013]
  • Spatial data available for matters of national environmental significance

Environmental water benefits wetlands and threatened species (PDF – 585.09 KB)

  • Environmental water creates a hive of activity at wetland dam
  • Prioritising for native fish in the Murray-Darling Basin
  • Environmental water safeguards threatened frog
  • Finding a new wetland home for a threatened fish in the Murray-Darling Basin

Threatened species benefit from wetland restoration (PDF – 1.16 MB)

  • Wetland restoration assisting in the national recovery of dwarf galaxias
  • Critically endangered and charismatic crayfish threatened by smooth operator
  • Restoring connected habitat corridors benefits threatened wetland species in northern New South Wales
  • Love me Tender
  • Successful industry offsetting: the NCIG Green and Golden Bell Frog Compensatory Habitat Program
  • Restoring swamp sclerophyll forest for koalas in the Hunter Estuary in New South Wales
  • Using mature vegetation to create ready-made wetland habitat in Western Australia

Building partnerships that benefit wetlands and threatened species (PDF – 800.48 KB)

  • New partnership network helps to protect Australian mangroves and saltmarsh
    Indigenous Wetland Wardens
  • Flyway Network Site on Delta Downs in Kurtijar People’s Traditional Country hosts threatened shorebirds [EAAF120]
  • Bird surveys on the Barratta Creek: A research initiative with BirdLife Australia
  • An iconic species is being used to drive behaviour change in Western Australia

Wetlands research (PDF – 913.36 KB)

  • Wetland palaeo-insights: revealing the past to manage the future
  • Mapping intertidal habitats and their protection in Australia
  • Coastal wetlands in south-east Queensland are home to the mighty water mouse
  • Protecting wetland connectivity for endangered freshwater fish in northern Australia
  • The unusual saltmarsh of Lake Wollumboola

Australia attends the 12th Ramsar Conference of Contracting Parties in Uruguay, June 2015 (PDF – 169.88 KB)

  • Outcomes of the 12th Ramsar Conference of the Parties
  • Local NGO leads community engagement at Ramsar Conference of the Parties

Previous editions of Wetlands Australia are also available at: Wetlands publications – newsletters

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