Welcome to Kashima – BFS, Asian friends

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Dr. Shigeki Takano, Japan Black-faced Spoonbill Network

Japan Black-faced Spoonbill Network has held a Black-faced Spoonbill (BFS) event on 8th November 2015 with Kashima City government in Saga, Japan.


?Saga City

The event was an international exchange workshop about the migratory waterbird BFS between Korea; breeding sites and Kashima; wintering sites.

In the first session, Mayer of Kashima City and three Korean guests gave presentations about conservation and CEPA actions.


?Saga City

In the second session, participants watched BFS and cranes in the Hizen-Kashima tidal-flats newly designated as a Ramsar Sites in May 2015 and enjoyed box lunch there.


?Sunjeong Nam

In the last session, all of the participant wrote the letter which says to Korean people “Let’s conserve BFS together.”


?Saga City

 We promised to conserve BFS in corporation with Korean people.


?Sunjeong Nam

  It was a very enlightening day of the international exchange through BFS.


?Sunjeong Nam

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