EAAFP Secretariat visited Ulsan Migratory Bird Center, and Climate Energy Promoting Citizens’ Forum

Meeting with Mr. Park, the Director of Ulsan Migratory Bird Center ©EAAFP Foundation

On 15th March, following the donation ceremony with Hyundai Motor Company, Ms. Yoon Lee, External Relations Manager of EAAFP Secretariat and two EAAFP Foundation colleagues (Ms. Jisun Lee-Foundation Coordinator and Ms. Yeonju Park-ER/Foundation Assistant) made a visit to the Ulsan Migratory Bird Center and had a meeting with Mr. Chang-hyun Park, Director of the center to explore potential collaboration.

He shared the efforts of Ulsan to grow as an ecological city and build positive rapport with their citizens. The center has various educational materials and enough spaces to let families and tourists learn the importance of migratory waterbirds and habitats in Ulsan by enjoying the facility. Mr. Park also expressed the willingness to invite EAAFP Foundation to their birdwatching event in later 2022.

Meeting with Dr. Hwang ©EAAFP Foundation

Lastly, the group visited the office of the Climate Energy Promoting Citizens’ Forum, and had a short meeting with Dr. In-seok Hwang, Secretary-General of the organization. As a conservationist and expert on the conservation issues of City, Dr. Hwang shared, his insights with EAAFP on how to mobilize efforts from different stakeholders to address and solve biodiversity issues facing the migratory waterbirds in Ulsan.

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