Tundra Swan re-sighting

Dr. Diana Solovyeva & Prof. Cao Lei

© Anastasia Mylnikova

With joint effort of Chinese and Russian Academies of Science the thirty Bewick’s Swans, the fourteen Bean Geese and two Greater White-fronted Geese were colour banded and tagged to follow their migration from breeding sites around Chaun Bay, Chukotka, Russia in August 2016.

Bewick’s Swans are wearing red plastic bands with white engraved number, same do Greater White-Fronted Geese, Bean Geese are wearing white plastic bands with black engraved number.

We will greatly appreciate any information on the colour banded birds at their potential wintering grounds in Korea and Japan. We are happy to share banding details and future information on birds return to breeding grounds with correspondents providing pictures and additional information as location, duration of stay, flock composition.

Please send information to diana_solovyova@mail.ru

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© Diana Solovyeva


© Diana Solovyeva


© Anastasia Mylnikova


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