Team SPOON 5th anniversary project “SPOON BFS election 2020”

Team SPOON aims to connect between people and black-faced spoonbills, people and nature, and people themselves. Black-faced Spoonbills(BFSs)  are endangered migratory birds that fly around East Asia. Established in Tokyo in 2015, Team SPOON created rings that have same colors and patterns with spoonbills’ foot rings, and has introduced the rings to people in Japan as well as people in other countries, mostly in East Asia. At this point, there are more than 400 spoonbill fans who participate in Team SPOON. They support the BFSs K94, K96, T66, J10 and J15 by wearing the rings which is designed to correspond to their foot rings. Members receive a newsletter called “Daily Spoonbill Times” everyday, and enjoy seeing news on their supporting BFSs, as well as articles about the nature and culture of regions where Black-faced Spoonbills migrate.

It has been 5 years since the establishment of Team SPOON. To celebrate the 5th anniversary, now the team is organizing “SPOON BFS election 2020”!! Team SPOON ask their members to choose new BFSs, and will make rings for the elected ones, which will in turn connect people and those BFSs.

The election starts from Feb.23rd(Sun), and runs for 13 days until Mar.6th(Fri),2020.  There are 12 BFS candidates, and members of Team SPOON are now voting for their 5 favorite BFSs.

A42,V22,V27,V76,2019_K30,T73,T78,T81,T84,H49,H60,H90 are the 12 BFS candidates of this election. These 12 BFSs are selected based on recent observation data, their flyway, and foot ring designs.

The regions where the ring were put on are Hongkong(A42), Korea(V22, V27,V76,2019_K30,H49,H60,H90) and Taiwan(T73,T78,T81,T84). The voting page informs where the BFSs have been observed, attached with foot rings, the number of observation during 2018-2020, and pictures of the foot-rings.

They will announce the detailed information and episodes of candidate BFSs everyday this week in Japanese daily Spoonbill Times. And will publish the result of the election on March 1st (Interim result) and March 8th(Final result)in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and English.

※Only SPOON members are admitted to vote for the BFS election.

If you want to vote for BFS or want to know more about SPOON, please JOIN TeamSPOON!

The membership fee is 1000 yen for each BFS per year. Please contact if you want to join this membership!

※※Images are quoted from BFSN website ( Unauthorized copy and replication of the documents and images are prohibited.

 “SPOON BFS Election2020” Final Report

The election starts from Feb.23th(Sun), and run for 20 days until Mar.13th(Fri),2020. Team SPOON announced Team members to chosen 5 BFSs per person.

The voting result was counted on Mar. 15 (Sun).

Finally, 5BFSs: A42, V22, 2019_K30, T78, T84 was newly selected!!

From now on, Team SPOON will watch over the newly selected 5BFSs along with K94, K96, T66, J10 and J15.

※Images are quoted from BFSN officical website (

Unauthorized copying and replication of the documents and images are prohibited.

If you want to know more about SPOON, or if you want to be fans of A42, V22, 2019_K30, T78 and T84, please JOIN US!! The membership fee is 1,000 yen(10 dollars) for each BFS per year. Please contact Team SPOON ( to join our membership.




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