Sembilang National Park in South Sumatra: a place for Migratory Birds

This article was originally posted in Indonesian at TRIBUN News,
and translated into English by EAAFP Secretariat.

Last November Gramedia Kompas Communication Forum (FKKG) South Sumatra conducted an Expedition to Sembilang National Park, in Banyuasin Regency in South Sumatra to watch migratory birds.

Sembilang National Park has beautiful scenery and is a perfect spot for a vacation. Sembilang National Park is dominated by water – there is a huge river with settlement on the river banks.

It is not easy to get to Sembilang National Park – from the center of Palembang city we need to ride for five hours to Tanjung Api-api port. From the port, tourists need to continue the journey by speed boat which cost around $20  per person. But the journey is worth it for the beautiful scenery.

Sembilang National Park is famous for its mangroves, where several students do research. In fact, several foreign tourists come here to study how to breed mangrove plants. Peak time for tourists is the end of the year.

In November and December thousands of migratory birds stop over in Sembilang National Park, so the expedition to watch migratory birds was held in November. At this time thousands of migratory birds were visible from a distance busily sunbathing on the riverbank. They feed, socialise and rest in this area. In the place where the birds stand the mud is so soft that humans would sink if they tried to walk on it. So it was a challenge for the expedition participants to get good pictures of migratory birds.

If you are interested to visit Sembilang National Park, you should prepare necessary supplies and also bring a camera to capture that beautiful scenery and the birds.


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