TitleRapid Response Facility — Emergency Funding for Conservation2020-04-13 04:47

The Rapid Response Facility is designed to deliver rapid conservation funding in times of crisis, with a focus on protecting UNESCO’s natural World Heritage sites and potential sites. 

Eligibility for grants extends to agencies legally responsible for site management; registered local, national, and international NGOs; and the private sector. 

Grants of US$5 thousand to US$30 thousand are awarded for periods of up to six months. 

How to Apply

- Requests for funding are only accepted through submission of the official RRF application form to the RRF email address (rrf@fauna-flora.org)

- All applicants must include contact details of two independent referees

- Applications from NGOs or private sector organisations must include a letter of support from the relevant site management authority as part of their application

- Applications are accepted year round, there are no deadlines

Deadline: Applications can be submitted at any time. 

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