Title(~26/04) Korea Safety Health Environment (SHE) Foundation - 2020 Global Seed Grant2020-03-30 08:54
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The Korea Safety Health Environment (SHE) Foundation is looking for teams to participate in its Global Seed Grant.
The Global Seed Grant supports projects by grassroots NGOs and local groups that are engaged in community activism
to tackle issues related to Safety, Health and the Environment. 


○ To promote community activism and practice by supporting project ideas related to safety, health, and environment.
○ Help with community activities by grassroots NGOs and people in nations that are targets of support.

Scope of the project : 

○ The grant will fund projects that are related to safety, health, and environment, which can take form of campaigns, workshops, training program, content production, etc.   

Deadline: 30th Mar. - 26th Apr. 24:00

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