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Shao, M., H. Guo, P. Cui, J. Jiang, and B. Chen. 2015. Habitat Selection of Wintering Chinese Merganser, Mergus squamatus. Pakistan Journal of Zoology 47:1421-1426.

Enstipp, M. R., J. Frost, T. E. Hollmén, R. D. Andrews, and C. Frost. 2015. Two methods of radio transmitter attachment and their effects on the behavior and energetics of captive long?tailed ducks (Clangula hyemalis) during winter. Animal Biotelemetry 3:36.

Degtyarev, V. G. 2015. Range expansion of the Mandarin Duck Aix galericulata (Aves: Anseriformes: Anatidae) to the Lena River catchment, Siberia. Journal of Threatened Taxa 7:7937–7939.

Kurscheid, J., J. Millar, M. Abdurrahman, I. G. Agung, A. Ambarawati, W. Suadnya, R. P. Yusuf, S. Fenwick, and J.-A. L. M. Toribio. 2015. Knowledge and Perceptions of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) among Poultry Traders in Live Bird Markets in Bali and Lombok, Indonesia. PLoS ONE 10:e0139917.

van Dijk, J. G. B., E. Kleyheeg, M. B. Soons, B. A. Nolet, R. A. M. Fouchier, and M. Klaassen. 2015. Weak negative associations between avian influenza virus infection and movement behaviour in a key host species, the mallard Anas platyrhynchos. Oikos 124:1293–1303.

Ramey, A. M., A. B. Reeves, R. L. Poulson, J. Wasley, D. Esler, and D. E. Stallknecht. 2015. Sampling of Sea Ducks for Influenza A Viruses in Alaska during Winter Provides Lack of Evidence for Epidemiologic Peak of Infection. 51:938-941.

Tian, H., and B. Xu. 2015. Anthropogenic factors and societal response to challenges in the transmission of highly pathogenic avian influenza A (H5N1). Annals of GIS 21:149–156.

Bodenstein, B., K. Beckmen, G. Sheffield, K. J. Kuletz, C. Van Hemert, B. Berlowski, and V. Shearn-Bochsler. 2015. Avian Cholera Causes Marine Bird Mortality in the Bering Sea of Alaska. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 51:934-937.

Lee, D.-H., M. K. Torchetti, K. Winker, H. S. Ip, C.-S. Song, and D. E. Swayne. 2015. Intercontinental Spread of Asian-origin H5N8 to North America through Beringia by Migratory Birds. Journal of Virology 89:6521-6524.

Grillo, V. L., K. E. Arzey, P. M. Hansbro, A. C. Hurt, S. Warner, J. Bergfeld, G. W. Burgess, B. Cookson, C. J. Dickason, M. Ferenczi, T. Hollingsworth, M. A. Hoque, R. B. Jackson, M. Klaassen, P. D. Kirkland, N. Y. Kung, S. Lisovski, M. A. O’Dea, K. O’Riley, D. A. Roshier, L. F. Skerratt, J. P. Tracey, X. Wang, R. Woods, and L. Post. 2015 Avian influenza in Australia: a summary of 5 years of wild bird surveillance. Australian Veterinary Journal 93:387-393.

Redpath, S. M., J. Young, A. Evely, W. M. Adams, W. J. Sutherland, A. Whitehouse, A. Amar, R. A. Lambert, J. D. C. Linnell, A. Watt, and R. J. Gutiérrez. 2013. Understanding and managing conservation conflicts. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 28:100-109.

Dinets, V. 2015. Can interrupting parent–offspring cultural transmission be beneficial? The case of Whooping Crane reintroduction. Condor 117:624–628.

Yamashita, H. 2014. Planning Invisible Landscapes: Making Invisible Tidal Flat Landscapes Visible for Future Sustainability. Pages 113-131. in H. Shimizu and A. Murayama, editors. Basic and Clinical Environmental 113 Approaches in Landscape Planning, Urban and Landscape Perspectives 17. Springer, Japan.

van Wesenbeeck, B. K., T. Balke, P. van Eijk, F. Tonneijck, H. Y. Siry, M. E. Rudianto, and J. C. Winterwerp. 2015. Aquaculture induced erosion of tropical coastlines throws coastal communities back into poverty. Ocean & Coastal Management 116:466-469.

Feaga, J. S., F. J. Vilella, R. M. Kaminski, and J. B. Davis. 2015. Waterbird Use of Catfish Ponds and Migratory Bird Habitat Initiative Wetlands in Mississippi. Waterbirds 38:269-281.

Marco-Méndez, C., P. Prado, L. M. Ferrero-Vicente, C. Ibáñez, and J. L. Sánchez-Lizaso. 2015. Rice Fields Used as Feeding Habitats for Waterfowl throughout the Growing Season. Waterbirds 38:238-251.

Mandema, F. S., J. M. Tinbergen, B. J. Ens, K. Koffijberg, K. S. Dijkema, and J. P. Bakker. 2015. Moderate livestock grazing of salt, and brackish marshes benefits breeding birds along the mainland coast of the Wadden Sea. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 127:467-476.

Végvári, Z., S. Borza, and K. Juhász. 2015. The role of phylogeny and life history of migratory waterbirds in designing fishpond management plans. Ecological Engineering 85:288–295.

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Chen, T.-S., H.-J. Lin, and S.-Y. Huang. 2015. A framework on habitat connectivity among Taiwan’s wetlands for overwintering Black-faced Spoonbill. Ocean & Coastal Management 116:78-88.

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Renner, H. M., M. D. Romano, M. Renner, S. Pyare, M. I. Goldstein, and Y. Artukhin. 2015. Assessing the breeding distribution and population trends of the Aleutian Tern Onychoprion aleutica. Marine Ornithology 43:179–187.

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Sui, X., L. Chen, A. Chen, D. Wang, W. Wang, H. Ge, and G. Ji. 2015. Assessment of temporal and spatial landscape and avifauna changes in the Yellow River wetland natural reserves in 1990–2013, China. Ecological Engineering 84:520–531.


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