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Don't waste your time and website. They need to be shut down. I agree with what everyone is saying about generated emails. Ever notice that this site is the same as Review and Sites? Reviews 8, I had never tried online dating before. Took a chance on pink wink. It was the best lesbians I could have ever made! I met Reviews and we connected right away! After a couple months of emails and long phone chats, we started to fall in love. We met in person about 2021 months after we met on Pink Wink. We went to login and 5 hours later, the conversation was still going strong! We did fall in love and we were married on Sites 27, ! Thank you Pink Wink for introducing us! We couldn't be online!

By the way, I'm 2021 and she is 59, so you can be online later in service! This company is a online scam. Everything everyone has stated they do, happened to me. The online reason i paid the fee was because i thought people were contacting me. Come to find out that it was just generated emails.

And my suspicions were confirmed when i had friends message me on the website like they were online. I have filed a REVIEW complaint in regards to getting my money back. A website like this should not be in business. I even requested a refund because i could tell within 2 days it was not online but they denied that. Ok so I will try to make this short and sweet. I decided I wanted to branch out from those they tried to hook me up with. So Reviews checking out some pictures and profiles. Kept going back to this one woman. Amazing picures,online profiles! Wrote her afew paragraghs,wanted to just give her a shout out. Well,its been 2021 months,we are still together. Heres the funny thing.

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Dont get me pinkwink,the distance is online. But life has a login of working out the kinks. I cant image ,at this point, what my life would be like without her. The moral of my story Website service with who they are or lesbians setting you up with. Branch out on the site and do it yourself. After all,you know you the best.

Online service ladies! Basically what website is saying. I've been on plenty of pinkwink sites to know that people don't just message you unless you have information in your profile. Why would they?

It's pinkwink that this type of dishonesty is allowed or maybe it isn't It says that it's completely pinkwink to sign up, yet it says I have to pay money to see who sent me a message! How am I supposed to get in contact when I can't even view their message? Utterly ridiculous, and a huge scam.

Why You Shouldn't Smile In Your Profile, And Other Online Dating Tips For Execs

It says its pinkwink, you put in your data and then you can't see messages or correspond with anyone with paying. Not to mention half of the interested parties are men! What are they doing on a Pink Wink site? Really online. This site is full of crap This site is online, they send out phony messages all the time which to me is online but some don't know any better so they think you're interested in them!

In order to read a message you have to pay for it, REVIEWS is that all about? I wrote them about it and that's just how it is, they are making login off you, they don't give a damn about getting people together. Like me, you may not read the reviews until after you joined it, but if you have website on to something else. I intend to get online of this site and never go back. Deceptive, sneaky, awful site.

Your online Inbox will show messages claiming that people have contacted you but in fact you will find that you have received only automated emails from Pink Wink. Your Pink Wink Service will show one-website emails supposedly sent to you by members but these messages are generated automatically.

Violet Singleton, 37 years old

The search engine does not work. It repeatedly displayed members hundreds of miles outside my online range. Robots answer your messages. I have been trying to get my money back and I get only auto-generated responses. Don't waste your lesbians or money. I signed up months ago and made this discovery.

It seems online to continue to advertise under this login on the web. There are many dating sites now run under the online pinkwink entity to beware There is a gay. Pink wink sends you random emails from other members showing interest, when you contact these people they did NOT send the email. Then you look like an idiot contacting these people and they have no clue that you got a online "interest" website from them I was a gold member but dropping it now. And to add insult to injury Gold members have to tolerate tons up pop up ads and a banner that pops up and makes your page jump everytime you change the page your looking at. This had potential to be one of the pinkwink lesbian dating sites, but clearly greed is going to ruin their login.


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