Migratory Bird Exhibit Unveiled at Campbell Creek Science Center in Alaska

The United States Bureau of Land Management-Campbell Creek Science Center (CCSC) concluded a Bird Month celebration with The AK Flyway Grand Opening event on 7 June.  The event featured the unveiling of multiple exhibits highlighting the connectivity of Alaska’s migratory birds to the world. It also included a scavenger hunt, bird walks, children activities, eBird lessons, and a live band.  The attendees, from children to the elderly, had an enriching experience.

When asked what he learned, one child stated, “I learned that picking up trash is important because animals might feed it to their babies”.  The celebration was preceded by a month of weekly guided bird walks, birding classes, and the release of augmented reality app (agentsofdiscovery.com) for the local trail system.  CCSC Education Technician Julie Johnson said, “I’m excited that CCSC reached over 350 people from all different levels to experience the Bird Month.  It was a lot of fun to celebrate the return of millions of birds and to see so many people truly appreciating birds and their amazing feats.”

The CCSC’s dynamic outdoor programmes spark curiosity and build connections with nature for people of all ages.  More on the CCSC:  blm.gov/ccsc

People gather to view a portion of the new “The AK Flyway” exhibit highlighting the connectivity of Alaska birds to the world. Photo © Burns/BLM

A young birder practices his skills with an American Robin. Photo © Burns/BLM

Game of scavenger hunt. Photo © Burns/BLM


Article prepared by Casey Burns, United States, Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management


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