Jakarta Celebrates the World Migratory Bird Day

This article was originally posted in Indonesian at  Satuharapan,
and translated into English by EAAFP Secretariat.

Dozens of students from several universities were observing birds to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day on 9-10 May, 2015 in Angke Protected Forest Area, Kapuk, Jakarta. Besides university students, environmentalist and photographer activists joined this activity of the theme “Energy: make it bird friendly”. Participants identified 27 bird species using binoculars, field guides and small pocket books to record the data.

Angke Protected Forest Area is a conservation area of DKI Jakarta Government. This 44.76-ha area is mostly mangrove forest. Many shorebirds, waterbirds and trees were observed, including Golden-bellied Gerygone and Javan Pond Heron.

World Migratory Bird Day is an international event, held all over the world, including Indonesia. Besides Jakarta, celebrations were held in Yogyakarta, Semarang and Surabaya.

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