Hanns Seidel Foundation – Study Tour and Workshop in Hong Kong

Hanns Seidel Foundation - Study tour and workshop in Hong KongHanns Seidel Foundation – Korea

Connecting people through environment conservation – Study tour and workshop in Hong Kong

A study tour with a delegation from DPR Korea took place in mid-September and introduced experts from the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection to Mai Po Nature Reserve, the only Ramsar Site in Hong Kong. The tour, jointly organized by WWF Hong Kong, Ramsar Secretariat and HSF Korea, provided insight knowledge on wetland and habitat management and how a designated Ramsar sites is managed on the ground.

The study tour started with an introduction of Mai Po Nature Reserve, which was followed by a site visit. During the course of the tour, discussions with various actors related to the Ramsar site, e.g. government officials and NGOs, were arranged. It gave a chance to learn from different perspectives about the management of a Ramsar Sites and how the interests of different stakeholders should be respected and be included in the management plan of a Ramsar site.

The activity was part of HSF Korea´s continuous effort to promote environment conservation as a platform for dialogue and exchange. International events, such as study tours, trainings, conferences and joint surveys can create channels for dialogue and build trust despite political differences.

The study tour was followed by a workshop on environmental conservation in DPR Korea. The event took place on 14 September 2017.

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