Farewell to Sulki Hwang, Administration/Finance & communication assistant

In the words of Ms. Sulki Hwang.

“EAAFP Secretariat provided me an opportunity to develop myself to move forward in the directions that I have wanted to go for a long time. Since I have been long for contributing myself to be a bridge between different nations and partners for conserving the environment, I had a valuable time at the Secretariat finding myself enjoy learning new things and communicating with various types of people who have different backgrounds. Thus, I am proud to say the last 6 months as an intern in EAAFP was a good stepping stone to turn my dream into a reality.

Career Fair ©Youjin Lee/EAAFP

While experiencing three important roles in the Secretariat, which are Administration/Finance assistant, Secretary of Chief Executive, and Communication assistant, there are several unforgettable moments that I had. Firstly, I could learn how to manage the whole system in the organization by improving administrative and financial documents. Revising a staff guideline and a business travel code, which were the first task of my internship, gave me a chance to think of a better way to make the structure sturdier so that employees can easily follow. I also acquired a practical working knowledge of editing and organizing official documents through this task.

Secondly, I had a great opportunity to see firsthand how our Chief Executive prioritizes his works and manages many works all at once. Considering that most interns have few chances to talk with their senior staff, it was one of my best experiences that I could grab an opportunity to discuss with him whenever there is a challenge. Furthermore, being involved deeply in his works, including searching for some useful information about a five-year management plan on Spartina and revising his presentation on EAAFP activities, was very helpful for me as it kept reminding me of our goal, which is protecting the environment.

Last but not least, I could enhance my communication skill and IT skill by translating many documents and managing the official website. Interpreting Communication Officer’s presentation at the Seocheon International Seminar and assisting in CE’s presentation at the PyeongChang Peace Forum 2020, especially, was incredible that I could be part of such a big event and broaden my perspective to the international field.

Seocheon International Seminar ©Dajung Jung/EAAFP

Filming a Youtube video ©KECO


Although I am leaving the Secretariat for further study in international relations, I am confident that I will cherish this experience and continue to apply this to my future career. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who keeps their eyes on me despite my weaknesses during my internship and hope EAAFP could expand its field in conserving migratory birds.”

Year-End Reception ©EAAFP


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