Farewell to Programme Assistant Michael R. Elliott

Written by Michael R. Elliott

During my time at the EAAFP I’ve learned how to complete a wide variety of tasks in a restricted time frame. Also, I’ve gained knowledge pertaining to the conservation of migratory waterbirds and wetlands. I’m very glad I’ve learned so much about these topics. I’ve always had a connection with nature, so I’m thrilled to know that these vital areas are being protected and what threats they face.

During my time at the EAAFP I was able to participate many things but one that was special to me was the Partnership Secretariat 10thAnniversary event. This event was a fantastic opportunity to see all the efforts achieved by the EAAFP in the last 10 years. It is truly amazing how much the Partnership has accomplished in such a short time. One of my favorite things about the event was the amazing lectures on wetland conservation. Also, it was a delight to see all the dedicated people who work to protect nature. The 10thanniversary event was a real highlight of my internship at the EAAFP.

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