Endangered Chinese crested tern calls Penghu home

Posted on: July 31, 2014

by Taiwan Today


The Chinese crested tern, a seabird species numbering less than 50 worldwide, continues nesting in Taiwan’s outlying Penghu County, according to Wild Bird Society of Penghu July 31.


The Chinese crested tern (left) is frequenting Taiwan’s Penghu County, making the outlying island the world’s third nesting ground for the extremely rare species © Victor Lin

“We are extremely excited to see the endangered species making Penghu one of its homes,” a society representative said. “But we caution visitors against bothering the terns so they will continue visiting the island.”

Penghu is the third nesting ground for the birds after Taiwan’s Matsu Islands and Zhejiang province in mainland China. Considered extinct for more than 60 years, it was seen four years ago in Penghu Columnar Basalt Nature Reserve and 15 years ago in Matsu.

According to the official, the tern is so rare that the initial discovery of 12 in Matsu by photographers was a record. “We hope the population in Penghu will reach similar numbers as in Matsu on the back of upgraded public and private sector-led environmental protection efforts.”


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Original source: http://www.chinatimes.com/realtimenews/20140731002128-260402

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