East Asian-Australasian Flyway Exhibition

EAAFP Secretariat

East Asian-Australasian Flyway Exhibitions include sets of photographs or artworks that can be displayed at Flyway Network Sites (visitor centers, city events, etc.). It is not credit-free, but helps Flyway Network Site Managers to raise awareness at the local level.

Thanks to the voluntary contribution of many photographers and artists, we have developed three Flyway Exhibitions so far.

  1. [EAAF Exhibition 1] Eat, rest, fight, socialise – just like people
  2. [EAAF Exhibition 2] The Migration of Red Knots
  3. [EAAF Exhibition 3] Shorebirds in the Flyway: The photos in Flyway Exhibition #3 can be made available for Flyway Network Site Managers to make their own exhibitions to promote the conservation of the EAAF.
09 Looking up to the sky ©Eugene Cheah

Flyway Exhibition 1: Looking up to the sky ©Eugene Cheah

Please contact the secretariat’s Communication Officer if you would like to host an exhibit at your Flyway Network Site.

Special thanks to David Li, Egor Loktionov, Eugene Cheah, Janet Essley, Lee Tibbits, Pavel Tomkovich, Pyaephyo Aung, Robert Newman, Sundev Gombobaatar, and Wicha Narungsri.

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