EAAFP Small Grants Fund for Working Groups & Task Forces – Call for proposals


The Small Grant Fund for EAAFP Working Groups and Task Forces was established to provide financial support to members to go towards meetings, research, monitoring, site management actions, training, and CEPA events and materials as a part of implementation of objectives of the Partnership.

Call for Proposal for 2022 EAAFP Small Grant Fund is announced on 3 January 2022. The details and new guidelines can be checked on the application form (download), and the previous year’s Small Grant Fund projects are archived here. https://www.eaaflyway.net/wgtf-small-grant-2/. Applications close at 5pm (Seoul Time) on 6 February 2022. A follow- up application process may be available 6months later should funds remain. Announcements of funding will be made by 7 March 2022 on EAAFP Webpage.


  1. Applications need to be targeted towards EAAFP key species (link) or habitats, regions, or emerging threats or other specified Partnership objectives. All applications should demonstrate how the project will contribute to the implementation of the EAAFP Strategic Plan 2019-2028.
  2. The maximum amount annually provided by the Small Grants Fund to an applicant or for a specific project is $5,000 (USD). If the project budget exceeds this amount, then the supporting funds and funders need to be identified in the Application.
  3. Funds are limited so not all applications may be funded.
  4. Applications with in-kind contributions and/or additional matching financial are preferred.
  5. Grants are awarded on the strict understanding that funds will be exempt from institutional administration charges (unless Partner government law so requires).
  6. Conference attendance will be supported to a maximum of $1,000 (USD) and is only for Task Force or Working Group members delivering their own work as a presentation, paper or poster.Given the ongoing COVID-19 situation, if the conference or event is held virtually, the grant will cover only any registration fee or other logistic costs for virtual attendance
  7. Applications must be reviewed by the relevant EAAFP Working Group (WG) or Task Force (TF) Chair or Coordinator, who will provide a statement of the relative merit of the Application against the assessment criteria, prior to submission. Prior to submission of the Application, it must have been provided to the relevant EAAFP WG or TF Chair or Coordinator for review. The relevant EAAFP WG or TF Chair or Coordinator will provide a statement of the relative merit of the Application against the assessment criteria and may provide suggestions on how the proposal could be strengthened. If you are unsure about which WG or TF to contact, please email the Secretariat for advice.
  8. EAAFP WorkingGroups and Task Forces are eligible for funding to go towards meetings, research, monitoring, site management, training and CEPA events and materials.
  9. Students, with the support of the relevant Working Group or Task Force, are only eligible for funding toward studies being undertaken at a research institution or travel to a conference to present original research.
  10. Lead investigators are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits from government authorities, indigenous communities, ethics committees etc., to undertake approved research or monitoring studies.
  11. Project completion is required within 18 months of the close of the Application period.
  12. Successful applicants will be required to provide a short write up of their project outcomes for the EAAFP newsletter and website and to report to the relevant Working Group or Task Force. They are also strongly encouraged to publish their results in peer-reviewed journals.


Application form can be downloaded here

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