Chongming Dongtan Birds National Nature Reserve

Chongming Dongtan Birds National Nature Reserve is a migratory birds and their habitats as the main object of protection of wetland type nature reserve, located in the Yangtze River Estuary, in China’s third largest island of Chongming Island ( the eastern end of the east longitude 121 °50 ‘ – 122 °05 ′, latitude 31 °25’ – 31 °38 ′), by the eastern beach of Chongming unity sand the Bund, east the Bund, North Wangsha eight effect in the Bund and its neighboring Wusong elevation zero line lateral within 3000 meters of the estuarine waters of four major components, the seawall was half elliptical distribution. Reserve with an area of 241.55 square kilometers, accounting for about7.8% of the total area of wetlands in Shanghai city. The core area of 165.92 square kilometers,10.7 square kilometers, buffer test area of 64.93 square kilometers.

Protection zone is composed of river runoff, sediment entrainment amounts in Jianghai interactions from the deposition, at present still with annual the rate of deposition of80-110meters to the East China Sea propulsion. It is the largest, most development of mouth of the Yangtse River estuarine tidal wetland, its narrow north-south, east-west width, area of tidal channel is densely covered, high, low, in beach zone is very obvious, the Asia-Pacific region is migratory waterfowl important channel, but also a variety of biological anniversary of anadromous and Fall River migratory corridors. At present, has been recorded to the birds have17orders and 50 families288 species (2005). The first class national protected birds of Oriental White Stork, black stork, a hooded crane3, two national protected birds have white naped crane, Black-faced Spoonbill, Little Swan34; included in the” China Red Data Book of endangered animal”20 kinds of birds; included in the day, in the Australian government of migratory birds and their habitat protection agreement of the birds were 156and 54, each year in the Chongming Dongtan transit transit and wintering waterfowl total more than1 million. In addition, Chongming Dongtan also rich in fish, amphibians and reptiles, invertebrate resources and to reed, mariqueter community consisting mainly of high yield plant resources. The special geographical location and the rapid evolution of the ecosystem characteristics make Chongming Dongtan has become international meaning of the important ecological sensitive area.

In 1992,10 ministries of the State Council formulated the” China Biodiversity Conservation Action Plan” will be included in the priority sequence of Chongming Dongtan protection;1998, reserve by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government approved the establishment in 1999April formally established; protected area management department, now under the Shanghai Municipal Greening Administration ( Forestry Bureau of the budget is full ) the level of institutions, the preparation of 35 people; in 1999July, Chongming Dongtan wetland International Asia Pacific Organization was accepted as ” East Asia — the Australasian migrating shorebird reserve network” member units; in 2002January, reserve and adjacent to the84 square kilometers of artificial wetland has been listed as a wetland of international importance;2005July, via approval of the State Council Promotion for the national level nature protection area.

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