Career education for students of a middle school in RO Korea (15 Oct)

On 15th October 2018, two career lectures on international organization , lasting two hours, were delivered to 70 students of Majeon middle school in Incheon, RO Korea, by Ms. Yeonah Ku of EAAFP. The career education has contents as followed: Definition of IOs (International Organisations), structure of them and benefits of working for them, as well as the introduction of EAAFP as one of international organisations.  Moreover, the requirements were described. In the QnA time, students asked which languages they should learn for the career, and they would like to know how to improve their Chinese. After the lectures, they gave messages to migratory waterbirds. This activity ‘To our winged travelers’, which Ms. Sungkyung Kang managed, is one of CEPA work of EAAFP.

CEPA Activity in Majeon middle school (c)Sungkyung Kang/EAAFP

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