Bridled Terns (Onychoprion anaethetus) ringed in Hong Kong

Ivy So, Wetland and Fauna Conservation Officer (Ornithology)
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

In order to learn more about the movement, survival, biometrics, etc. of the relatively
less studied breeding terns in Hong Kong, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation
Department (AFCD) of the Hong Kong Government ringed and attached color flags
to 19 adult and juvenile Bridled Terns in August 2017. The ringed terns have white
flag on right tibia and engraved yellow flag on right tarsus (see photo).

Remarks: The AFCD would also like thank the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society for their technical support in the ringing operation.

Researchers and bird watchers are encouraged to report any sightings of these birds to the AFCD (

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