Black-faced Spoonbill Event in Songdo, Incheon, South Korea

On 28-29 November 2014, Black-faced Spoonbill (BFS) Event was hosted by Incheon NGO at Yeonsu-gu Office in Incheon, South Korea, with an aim to raise awareness on BFS and Songdo Tidal Flat (Ramsar Site), share the result of conservation works in 2014 to improve the collaboration between citizen, government, and academy.

A participant giving a presentation at the forum @ EAAFP

On the first day, Incheon-Gyeonggi Region BFS Forum was held to share the monitoring results on the habitats of BFS. 40 people from government, conservation NGO, academia, and citizens from the region participated in the forum to learn the results of recent BFS monitoring. It was followed by a discussion on development on BFS habitats networking in Incheon-Gyeonggi Ecoregion. Deputy Director of EAAFP, Mr. Jong-Ok Jang, attended the discussion as a panel. From this session, participants have got to the results to collaborate on BFS conservation activities including monitoring for more effective outcome.

Students making a mosaic of Black-faced Spoonbill @ EAAFP

In the second day morning, Reporting Session of the Wetlands and BFS Forum of Youth was held. The session was the last gathering of the Forum that consists of a series of seminars for middle and high school students that have been conducting environmental conservation activities at their schools. EAAFP provided financial and technical supports to this Forum which provided opportunities for the students to learn how to contribute in environmental conservation through conducting small projects such as surveys in Incheon area. In the session, Communication Officer, Tomoko Ichikawa attended as a commentator and encouraged students to carry on their efforts and spread their strong minds to care for the nature among their friends and family members.

Two boys holding a mosaic peice @ EAAFP

In the afternoon, an event for citizens and elementary school students was held to conduct BFS related activities for awareness rising, where over 300 Incheon citizens participated. Tomoko and Miyoung Choi, Finance Officer of EAAFP, provided BFS mosaic activity, with the support of a local volunteer. With young citizens’ participation, it was successfully completed and displayed at the venue.

Completed BFS mosaic work @ EAAFP

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