EAAFP Foundation released “Bird Meets Arts” Ep.5 Youth

On 30th September 2021, EAAFP Foundation and Yeonsu Foundation of Arts and Culture (YSFAC) released the fifth video of the Bird-Meets-Arts Project, “Youth”. Featuring Ms. Jihyun Sung, representative of ‘Greener is Cleaner’, Ms. Gyuri Cho, co-president of GEYK(Green Environment Youth Korea), and Mr. Yongjae Kim, a photographer who works at Green Seoul Citizen Committee, the video introduces the message about raising awareness about the environment and encouraging active participation to the public by introducing their activities.

The first question was asking about the most interesting environmental issues in Incheon, Ms. Jihyun Sung mentioned the importance of the tidal flats in Songdo and Incheon and suggested harmonizing the ecosystem conservation with development. Mr. Yongjae Kim raised the issue of the loss of tidal flats due to dredging sites built in the sea and marine pollution due to landfills.

The next question was how the youth led environmental movement has changed from the past, Ms. Jihyun Sung replied that the current environmental movement is being led by citizens, including young people, compared to the past environmental movements led by victims of environmental pollution. Mr. Yongjae Kim mentioned that the expertise of environmental movements has increased compared to the past. Ms. Gyuri Cho added that the current environmental movement is focusing on interesting activities which can involve various people to participate. In addition, Ms. Jihyun Sung suggested utilizing experience-oriented environmental education to help teenagers understand the environmental issues better, and Mr. Yongjae Kim emphasized the necessity for cooperation among EAAFP, governments, and institutions to protect internationally endangered migratory species such as cranes.

In conclusion, all three youths agreed that making small but steady changes through the mindset of trying to solve environmental problems on their own will have a huge effect.

EP1: Migratory Waterbirds in Yeonsu, Incheon RO Korea
EP2: Wetlands
EP3: History of Songdo Tidal Flat, Yeonsu
EP4: Illustration and CEPA
EP5: Youth
EP6: Music

Korean version 

English version 

About EAAFP Foundation
The EAAFP Foundation was established in 2019 to contribute to providing the Partnership with a mechanism to support sustainable financing and expand its engagement with various types of organizations for the conservation of migratory waterbirds and habitats in EAA Flyway. The Foundation office is based in Songdo, Incheon, Republic of Korea. For more information, visit https://foundation.eaaflyway.net/

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