Baer’s Pochard Task Force organises surveys for the 2016 breeding season

Richard Hearn
Baer’s Pochard Task Force Global Coordinator

Our current knowledge of the summer distribution of Baer’s Pochard is extremely limited; the species is known to occur regularly at fewer than five sites. These birds account for a small proportion of the number counted in winter 2014-15, when a minimum of 238 individuals were located. Thus, there is an urgent need to locate all Baer’s Pochard breeding sites in order to ensure they are protected and well managed.

In order to address this important knowledge gap, the Baer’s Pochard Task Force is organising surveys for the 2016 breeding season at as many sites as possible. For this to be successful we need counters who can visit possible breeding sites during May-July from the Yangtze floodplain northwards into NE China and SE Russia. A full list of sites and other information will soon be available from Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) and via the BP-TF web page, but in the meantime we would like to hear from anyone who could potentially survey one or more wetlands within this region.


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