One of the major decisions at the 9th Meeting of Partners (MOP9), was the creation of a Task Force to develop a 10-year Strategic Plan for 2019-2029 to be presented at the 10th Meeting of the Partners set to take place in early 2019. The current Implementation Strategy (2012 – 2016) was extended for two years until MOP10In addition, an EAAFP Strategic Plan Task Force will review the Implementation Strategy (2012-2016) to inform the development a new framework to guide Partner delivery of the Partnership’s goal and objectives.

Objectives of the Strategic Plan Task Force

  • The main objective of the Task Force will be to elaborate the EAAFP Strategic Plan for the period 2019 – 2029. The new Strategic Plan will be presented for adoption at MOP10.
  • To this end, the Task Force will take into account the Implementation Strategy 2012-2016. It will also take into account the conclusions of MOP9 and the recommendations of the Independent Review.
  • The Task Force will further take into account strategic documents of relevant global biodiversity related multinational environmental agreements and any other relevant
    documents that the Task Force may consider appropriate.
  • The Task Force will consider and propose a procedure for the assessment of the status of implementation of the Strategic Plan 2019-2029 by Partners and the Secretariat.
  • The Task Force will keep the Management Committee informed of its work through reports to each of the meetings of the Committee.