Asian Waterbird Census

The recommended dates for the AWC 2018 counts are Saturday 6 to Sunday 21 of January, covering two weeks and three weekends. These dates are for guidance only and counts from any date in January are very welcome.

If you have not participated in the census before, information and AWC count forms and guidelines are uploaded on the AWC website here. The Count forms are available in Excel and Word. The Count forms are available in Excel and Word. The standard IWC Count Methodology is available here. If you have participated in a previous count for a particular site, kindly cover the site this year and report on it using the latest forms. Please also report if there are few or no birds, as this is very important information too.

Kindly use the appropriate AWC Site and Count forms to report your observations and provide these by the end of February to your country/regional coordinators, contact details here. If there is no coordinator, kindly send your forms to

Good luck with your conservation efforts and very best wishes for the count!